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Of Heaven and Hell by Aki-san24
Flames (+video) by Suvikuu
Ouroboros by tarflowers
Deer from The Endless Forest by paul-rosenkavalier
Digital Art
Zenzi by Arktoss
Ehretia by Aurru
Thanos by Arktoss
Royal bow by Arktoss
Traditional Art
Black sands, empty souls by Hirvitys
The endless forest deer by helenamoonshadow
Fantasy creatures with flash on by helenamoonshadow
Fawn Takoma and her new friend by KassidytheKiller
Profile Sheets
TEF: reference: Wisp by Thia-B
Anker Reference (sea) by Gulonine
Concept Designs
TEF - Random Deer Design by Prismaticlysm
Gnu antelope for TEF by Winnetah
Caprioara Indiana2 by Winnetah
TEF Concept - Dusk by Pegasicorn
Deer Skull Mask - PAINTED by Bueshang
Looking for her horde by Syrinasaphir
Deer looking at me by Syrinasaphir
Searching her horde by Syrinasaphir
autumn in the middle of summer by guzelhavalarmahvetti
Forest Screenshots
Modificat by Winnetah
Sarmisegetusa by Winnetah
artsy endless forest screenshot :P by Professormcwilliams
Una and Indica by Lil-Taokaka
The Endless Forest Meme by LootCute
Seasons and Elements Contest
TEF - Autumn Sunset by Rasiris
TEF - After the Flood Receds by Bueshang
Pixel Kamaya by HeartClock08
2011 Calendar Images
2011 TEF Fanart Calendar by jenniferstuber
2010 Calendar Images
TEF Fan Art Calendar 2010 by jenniferstuber
2009 Calendar Images
TEF Fan Art Calendar 2009 by TheEndlessForest
Endlessforest by Winnetah
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Mature Content

The Wound by sighthoundlady



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New group link above

Hey Everyone!
I'm incredibly sorry for the radio silence on our end and how long it has taken to organise ourselves to even be able to produce this journal. A few months ago the previous only active admin Prismaticlysm no longer decided they were able to keep up, understandably, with the running of this group. No shame in that! Life happens and they have been wonderful enough to do as much in their power to keep the group running as they can.

In response, myself, Jackralolo and deadwoodsphinx were given the honor and permission of trying to moderate and restore this group. Unfortunately due to the foundations of the group and staff of whom have moved on, we are unable to add anymore staff. I do not have the admin power to do so. It is because of this that we have decided to create a new group to move to as there is no longer any sustainable way for this group to continue running.
We, as members of The Endless Forest Community, will be running this new group and it is now accessible for everyone to join. In order for our DA TEFc to also be a success, we are going to need everyone's help in resubmitting old & new TEF related work to the new group. All artwork from now on should be submitted there, as well as human art as with permission we are now absorbing the TEF-Humans into the new group as well.

In the future we will also be taking applications for those who wish to help moderate the group if anyone is interested.

If everyone could spread and advertise this new group I would be deeply appreciative! The Deviantart group is an amazing way of advertising the game itself and brings the community together through the beauty of our community's artistic talent.

Thank you & see you in the forest!
-Tzvii/ Awentia in the forums.

More Journal Entries


What is The Endless Forest?
Don't know what the forest is? You are missing out!
Learn about it here.

Download the Game - Name Your Deer - Donate

Look at the top of our profile… and click on 'Join Our Group'. A little window should pop up, where you select Member and 'Submit Request'. You are now a member! Simple as that.
After that, putting the club icon in your journal is very helpful and loved! That way we can attract new people.

Please read the rules before submitting artwork. Failure to follow the rules will get you a warning. If you persist, your submitting privileges will be removed.

You can submit your own work and work of other people directly to the club!
:bulletgreen: To submit your own work, click the 'Submit to this Gallery' button.
:bulletgreen: Add your artwork to the Featured Gallery. The team of Helping Hooves will then add your artwork to the category that best suits your artwork. This way we can keep everything organized.
:bulletgreen: You can suggest other peoples artwork by going into the Favourite Gallery.
:bulletgreen: You may submit no more that 3 art pieces per day.
:bulletgreen: Please do not submit pieces already in the gallery.
:bulletgreen: Do not submit pieces that are not The Endless Forest related. We do not allow human versions of deer in this group, but we do allow anthros as long as the exhibit TEF qualities like mask, pelt, or antler characteristics.
If you want to share the human version of your deer, you can submit to the group TEFHumans!
We'd also appreciate it if you mentioned Tale of Tales (ToT) or The Endless Forest (TEF) somewhere in the art description. Sometimes we have trouble discerning whether artwork is related to the games, so this will help us accept your artwork quickly without having to ask you to clarify first.

Have fun!


Need technical support? Please visit the forums!

Community Site
Facebook Group
The Endless Forest
Tale of Tales
The Forums

This group is not run by the creators of The Endless Forest (Tale of Tales, Michael and Auriea). It is run by fans of the game.


Group Founder





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Copanel-CP Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, I really wanted to post my picture with Koanluq, but it feels like I can't contribute for the gallery. Is it because you still need a mod or something like that? If I have to wait then I understand the problem, it takes quite a lot of work to administrate a group.
(1 Reply)
Ravenclaw963 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2018
Ive recently tried to log into the game just to see if its still up and running and im not sure if its just my computer or if the network is permanently down? Whenever I click on the tab for network to log in it flickers from connected to error and it doesnt give me an option to log in. I also tried to log into both of my accounts to get into the community and they both are marked as an inactive username which is sad because one of mine is very old that I have played off and on for years and the other one I made barely a year ago. When I try to make a new account it says theres something wrong with the network or it just doesnt go through at all when I click register. I can understand to see the game go as it is over ten years old but this game has extreme nostalgia value for me and it would suck if it shut down :(
(1 Reply)
DeerCrowShadow Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Can't download the game from their site. It always says the .zip file wasn't found... is the game dead? Haven't played it for well at least 3 years or so :(
(1 Reply)
Mutated-Sushi Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
So I'm kinda lost now. Havent logged into TEF for years. I see their forum website is down, sad. 
Did they even reach their goal to do the second decade?
(1 Reply)
Gloriousladylegs Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi I have been trying to find the source to this art for almost 3 days but I only get from google to pinterest and back to google...The only help I got was that it probably was from this game and I was wondering if one of you know who drew this or if it's from the creators of the game…
(1 Reply)
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