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Well,  I'm almost to 10,000 views, and I thought it would be fun to celebrate.  And what better way to celebrate than with a Bubble trap?  Except this trap works a bit like a lottery, and you guys get to participate.  The person who causes my 10,00th view will activate a trap that I've hidden on my girlfirend Kate's phone.  

About a week ago, I snuck into Kate's phone, and removed her 'Watch' on this account. So hopefully, she won't see this.  If you're one of the people who know us both IRL, please don't mention this to her, as it will ruin the fun.

I replaced her phone's screen protector with one made of hardened Smart Bubble Solution ( see here:   Smart Bubble Solution RevengeNote:  This is one story in a series.  Click here for an index of all of them.
So, last week my house-mates/test-subjects/lovers Anne and Kate thought it would be funny to play a practical joke.  In the middle of an epic cold streak they decided it would be hilarious to pull my car out of the garage, and then set up a water spray above it all night.  So, I go looking for the car on Tuesday morning, and it's not inside.  I open the garage, and see my car encased in a couple of inches of ice, and my driveway suitable to host a hockey game.  Very funny girls!
I don't know if they'd considered this, but the second Tuesday of each month is when I take time out from being a mad scientist, occasional bounty-hunter and federally-wanted fugitive to give a little bit back to the community.  Me and a bunch of other guys in town are in a chapter of an internationally
for more information about this stuff) and put an app I wrote on her phone.  It monitors my DA account views.   When the views hit 10,000 , the phone's app will activate the smart solution through a set of tones, and Kate will be trapped in a bubble, whereever she is.  She always has her phone within arms reach, so it should be pretty  fullproof.

The phone will start recording video, my compound has lots of security cameras, and I'm pretty good at hacking other people's video systems, so hopefully we'll get some good footage of the thing when it happens.

Happy 10,000!
Sometimes it's just one of those weekends.  This has been one of them.

Friday, I got a final disconnect notice from the power company.  Apparently their payment processing service still can't do business for some reason with my bank in the Caymans.  I've been going around with them for two months on this, and every time they tell me its resolved, but then it's not.  If they kill the power to the building and my refrigerator quits, a bunch of the hard to get ingredients I use to make unpoppable bubbles will go bad.  It's pissing me off, because I HAVE THE MONEY, and this isn't one of those problems I can solve by just shooting bubbles at people.

The SSD on my main PC quit yesterday for no apparent reason.  So even though I'm pretty good at backing stuff up and didn't lose anything major, its been a total pain replacing that, reinstalling drivers, and software and stuff.  Also, I hate the latest version of itunes, and there's no way to get the older one I liked better back.  What a pain in the butt.

To cap it all off, tonight Anne was playing around in my lab, and managed to shoot herself with the bubble gun, and now she's stuck in an invisible bubble.  This sort of thing is common around here, and normally just a bit of fun because I'd just hit the bubble with the release solution and let her out.  But the gun was configured to use mineral spirits as the release solution.  She must have been making bubbles and popping them with it, because it looks like she was holding the bottle - the only bottle I had - of mineral spirits when she bubbled herself.  Since the release solution won't work from the inside of the bubble, she's stuck in there until the hardware store opens in the morning.  On top of that, she fired the gun again from the inside, and managed to create a second bubble which grew to fill the first one, squeezing her between them.  Since both of the bubbles are totally invisible, the whole thing looks really weird.  She's just kind of suspended looking, in a sort of leaned back, spread eagle kind of way.  I can tap on her body through the first bubble, but she can't hear me talk.  I wonder if she thinks I'm keeping her in there for my own amusement.  I hope not, although I must admit it's arousing watching her occasionally squirm and wiggle in there.  Anyway, she was supposed to spend tonight studying for an exam for her psychology class tomorrow at 10.  Instead she's going to show up ill prepared, and exhausted since she's unlikely to get much good sleep tonight.

Still, in the grand scheme of things, I guess I shouldn't complain.  There's a lot of people out there dealing with natural disasters and the like, so I guess none of this stuff is really that bad.
So as you can guess, I'm always working on new formulations and gadgets to encapsulate the ladies in new and interesting ways.  A couple of days ago I finally finished and tested my latest creation - Clear bubbles.  Yeah, I know clear bubbles are already a thing.  But these are different.  They're really clear, as in totally transparent.  No apparent refraction or reflection whatsoever.  Without giving the too much away, a major aspect was making the bubble adjust itself with the ambient air temperature to avoid the sort of waves you see on blacktop and car hoods on hot days.

Anyways, I tested it on Kate (one of my more than willing live-in subjects), and it worked perfectly.  Worked great in the bubble gun, hit the target as expected, popped big like a more conventional bubble trap, was totally soundproof like normal, and impossible to pop without the release substance.  Except you couldn't see it.  At all.  At least from the outside.  A side effect of the way that it bends light, however, is that the trapped subject can't see out from the inside.  It looks like frosted glass from the inside.  Kate enjoyed herself for a while struggling inside (I set the gun to make this one elastic and small enough to hold her in a fetal position), then I let her out.

On Thursday night, we went down to the boardwalk, where I happened to know there was a female mime performing up on a little platform.  Now the fact is, I hate mimes.  Usually I reserve my devices for sticking it to people who specifically have it coming.  But for some reason, I feel mimes have it coming in just sort of a more general way.  I don't know why.  I don't dislike garden-variety clowns.  But there's something about mimes that make me feel like they're fair game, even if they're perfectly acceptable people when their makeup's off.

Anyhoo, this particular mime was pretty hot as mimes go, dressed up in a mime looking latex catsuit which was obviously filled out by a particularly large, expensive looking set of implants.  She was wearing the mime makeup and little hat and all that, and pulling on an invisible rope or something.   Kate walked a little ways down the boardwalk, then fired off a blast from her little self defense air horn.  While everybody was looking that way, I let the mime have it with the bubble gun.  A second later there was a pop, and she was in there.  The gun was configured to make a taught-skinned, non-elastic bop-bag shaped capsule, affixed to the platform.  As far as I could tell, it worked perfectly.  Kate yelled out her apologies to the crowd for the air horn, false alarm and such.

Anyway, people started watching the mime again, who was now doing a rather frantic version of a mime stuck in a box.  Really convincing!  She also made a good show of silently yelling a lot, which is something you don't typically see, but I guess people felt within artistic license for mimes.  The fun thing is, there was no way for her to know that we could still see her.  As far as she knew, the bubble was frosted looking to the audience too.  So I assume she was in there wondering why nobody was trying to help, while the audience thought she was just doing her mime thing.  I gotta say, I'm pretty pleased with this one.

Kate and I got a couple coney dogs, and sat down on a bench for about forty-five minutes eating, holding hands, and watching her go.  Then when we'd had enough fun, we walked slightly upwind of her, and pulled out one of those little personal misting fans.  A little spritz from the fan sent a mist of the release substance drifting towards the bubble, and we headed on our way.  We played a few games and did a little shopping, then went home and played some more with the bubble gun.  All in all, a pretty awesome day.