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Gandalf the Grey by PaoloAnolfo Gandalf the Grey :iconpaoloanolfo:PaoloAnolfo 345 58
the new crucifixion
I was a celestial child. Lost
In the pillage of God
Grain poured through my fingers
    I worshipped a forbidden temple
My mother swaying in the breeze
   a sleepless lovely figurine
   for Jesus to kiss,
                     & say goodbye;  
I was cast out from heaven.
I was Ishmael, the rejected first child
I was in love with diamonds
                 did I run from redemption
                 did I lie in an empty bathtub
                 did I pray for forgiveness—?
Bled my soul out on the pews
Adored a great, incomprehensible light  
         & When i spat Jesus out of my gut
         He had my blood on his face
& said Think about what you are doing
:iconscheherazades:scheherazades 9 2
twenty-nine teen.
it's the blank static hum of a city that's trying too hard. it's sleeping less and studying more.
it's getting As and still not feeling good enough. it's getting a C and feeling worthless.
it's reading Faulkner and Morrison and all the great American novels not because
you want to but because it's required for class. it’s volunteering at the shelter
because it’ll look good on your resume. it's working weekends because
you need the money. it's staying after school because you need the
recommendation letter. it's debating intersectional feminism
and global warming with your Tinder date. it's doing it for
the Instagram. it's pictures of your ex and her new
girlfriend. it's kissing a boy you don't know.
it's fucking a girl you don't love. it's
the taste of Rihanna's shiny rose
gold lip gloss. it's trying
not to throw up
in the Uber
it's 10 sec
ads on Youtube
telling you that female
empowerment is a new pair
of leggings. it's swiping left because
you think she's fat. it's
:iconcallistory:callistory 56 31
retrograde armageddon
with machines like us, who needs enemies
staring back from the gossamer
abyss of stars, wide-eyed
and was it gamesmanship that won the war?
this one that we’ve fought with ourselves
in these ruins we’ve built
from what remains of rogue waves as they fade uncorrected
into the maw of iniquitous kismet
as base ten brains breed their first hexadecimal dreams
of a brighter binary existence
:iconthesquareroot:thesquareroot 8 5
Goose-fleshed skin, bathed under fairy lights in bright reds and gold
as warm and whole as you don’t feel.
Trembling fingers undoing the clasp of your straps
knotted treble clef of your hair trailing down to the
curved base notes of a spine and hips
too prominent and shook with cold and nerves.
Rising over the crescendo flood and hovering above yourself in the
sweet night air of this pool, you loose your hands into your hair and send it down -
a tsunami of blue.
Pearls dot your skin – fear tattoos
raised quavers in staccato bursts, in time with your tread -
full stops and ellipses of dread… breves of cold unreal.
You hold your semi-breath twice too long,
shame ebbs and wanes its waves.
You draw your lungs in, and let your shirt unravel.
Soft light plays its rays and mallet hands across your ribcage with the heavier weight
of so many pairs of eyes, and a gasp or two.
They peel your scales back to fish bones, your floundering pulse exposed with their question mark hooks
:iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 10 1
the hand of
she coughs up
brittle wings,
bright as a drizzle
of sparks.
tries singing,
but sharp.
starlings in flight
part ways with
the beats of their
she remarks
in cursive, sees the words
loop and flourish
and dismember her garden.
her embers
harden and shatter;
she's a smattering
of shards and
parched and unable
to drink, unable
to see, she's guarding her
face with her hands.
she coughs up
swashes and seraphim;
god is a font
of obsession.
meant for a lesson,
they observe her
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 10 2
You tell me I'll catch my death out here,
sitting alone in the snow
I'll catch him and keep him inside my ribcage,
I'll never let him go
:iconpeachloaf:peachloaf 14 8
the afghan girl. by marika-k the afghan girl. :iconmarika-k:marika-k 108 36 Looking For Tomorrow by VDragosPhotography Looking For Tomorrow :iconvdragosphotography:VDragosPhotography 137 63 Ellie and Joel (The Last of Us) by markstewart Ellie and Joel (The Last of Us) :iconmarkstewart:markstewart 285 92 Hope 3 by Sheloize Hope 3 :iconsheloize:Sheloize 416 176 Truth by Sheloize Truth :iconsheloize:Sheloize 114 32 Individuation by Sheloize Individuation :iconsheloize:Sheloize 71 19 Free of the Reflection by XRlS Free of the Reflection :iconxrls:XRlS 405 112 Decay by XRlS Decay :iconxrls:XRlS 299 101 Dreaming Awake by annakoutsidou Dreaming Awake :iconannakoutsidou:annakoutsidou 154 0



Joan of Arc
Ingrid Bergman as Joan of Arc -- one of my favorite historical people -- in the movie Joan of Arc (1946). She actually didn't have black hair in the movie, but in the reference photo I was using it looked black.  
I haven't been able to get on the Internet hardly at all as of late, but I wanted to let you guys know I did manage to get $100 into my bank account by the end of last month, which enabled me to make my mortgage payment and stay afloat until my next paycheck. Some amazing people came to my rescue and I could not be more grateful. The whole thing has made me realize that I really need to get better at asking for help. 

In other news, I recently had another echocardiogram, after going two years without one. I don't know the results but the procedure itself went well. 

I've also started reading again. I've decided not to do a reading challenge this year but it is a goal of mine to read more in general. 

I hope all you lovely people had a great holiday, and happy new year! I'm hoping 2019 brings you all peace, joy, and love!  


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