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Welcome to the Emoticon Gallery! :wave: - NaNoEmo by a-kid-at-heart

For years, many emoticonists on dA have been suggesting,trying,working,petitioning,polling and writing journals to get dA to organize the Emoticon Gallery in a simple and effective manner. While miscats such as photo packs have always been a nuisance, the implementation of Add Media has encouraged massive numbers of icon related works to flood our gallery. This makes finding emotes and the people who create them near impossible, and as a result the community which forms around those works is equally challenging to maintain.

Here you will find a simple gallery structure for you to submit or find emotes, and a friendly place to find emoticonists. :grouphug: by a-kid-at-heart

The rules here are simple:

Anyone can join :incognito: by a-kid-at-heart
Anyone can submit (emotes, obviously) :happy: by a-kid-at-heart
Submissions that do not fit the descriptions given for the folder it is placed in will be moved. If you are consistently careless we'll come after you... :irritated: by a-kid-at-heart relentlessly... it won't be pretty . :kinky: by a-kid-at-heart
Any questions asked or requests made in the comments below will be answered as quickly as possible Top Uses for a Tard - Stamp Licker by a-kid-at-heart
Any questions asked or requests made via notes will usually be answered quicker

This is your gallery, so feel free to offer suggestions or make requests and the Admin team will do what we can to improve things.











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SignerA Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
hello the emoticon community ! I, too, like Tvoltage, when I submitted my first emoticon I couldn't use it in the comments. And yet I put almost all the badges that could allow me to find it in "add media".

is it possible that the problem will get better one day ?
a-kid-at-heart Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2020
I'm curious if you searched for the tags in the comment line (under "community"). Also, I have searched for my user name there and found most of the emotes I created before Eclipse, but I'm not sure if new ones would appear.

Regarding better? I wouldn't hold my breath Breath-Holding Contest , unless something changes. Years ago the emoticon community was quite large and active. Efforts to improve the gallery in those days (simplify categories, avoid miscats, etc.) largely fell on deaf ears. While "Add Media" gave access to emoticons without having to be included in the official list, it opened the flood gates for miscats and avatars within the category and buried what active members there were.

Acerbical may know of efforts to change/improve things, but I haven't seen or heard of any kind of tutorial that may address the issues you mentioned yet.

If one comes up, or if the information becomes available so I can create one, I'll let you know. :thumbsup: or :goodjob: 
SignerA Featured By Owner Edited Aug 11, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay ! thanks !

Ps: and also, I like the lastest emoticon you add in to your message !
a-kid-at-heart Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2020
You can find that emoticon by searching for "thumbsup"  :HighFive: 
Tvoltage Featured By Owner May 31, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Would anyone know if we're still able to submit emoticons to Deviantart to be used in the "add media" tab? Or did Eclipse just pull the rug out from under us there. 

I know it used to be by doing this: 
Customization>Emoticons>Chat Friendly Emotes 

But now it seems like there's no option to submit deviations under a "category". Is there possibly a new way to have our pieces be submitted to be used as "community emoticons"?

Thank you! Been getting back into emoticons a little bit this past year. Fun and comforting to return after so long :) 
Acerbical Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2020  Professional General Artist
Hello @Tvoltage!
Wonderful questions and I do commend you for asking them and of course I commend you as well for getting back into emoticons!!
" Would anyone know if we're still able to submit emoticons to Deviantart to be used in the "add media" tab?"
Yes!! Most definitely you can have your submitted emoticons used in the "add media" tab. How? Read on!!
First of all, as you know DA uses hashtags to help deviants correctly identify and also find artworks easily. Once you are submitting your artwork to DA ensure you are using appropriate hashtags that describe your work and the category.
For example: I submit an emoticon to DA and I use hashtags suchas #emote, #emoji, #emoticons, #smiley, #pixelart, [these are some ideas as to what category of art your design is] then you can use hashtags describing the design such as: #woe, #green #upset, #omg, #handsup, #noes so on and so forth. I was able to find this emote Im Lookin simply by using the "Add emoticon or Avatar tab", clicked on "Community" clicked the magnifying glass and then I typed in #looking which is one of the hashtags you assigned and I found your emote!! So it's quite possible to find it.
Tvoltage Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Also, for the emotes I posted after Eclipse, I did double check and make sure they were tagged properly as #emote, #emoji, #emoticons, #smiley, #pixelart. Still, these emotes seem to be unsearchable in the "add media" and "add emoticon or avatar" tab. They ARE searchable with DeviantArt's main search bar though, so it's not like the tags aren't functioning.
(Thank you again!)
Tvoltage Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Oh thank you! I can see how you brought up my "looking" emote. Though when I try to search for the emotes that I've uploaded after the site switched over to Eclipse in the same way, they don't seem to show up. For example, using hashtags like #woe #green or #sneeze #sick along with #tvoltage doesn't bring up my recent emoticons, when searching in the "Add emoticon or Avatar" tab.
The emoticons I was trying to pull up:
woe is me
Sweaty And Sick
This has been my main issue :( I can pull up all the emotes I uploaded BEFORE Eclipse, because I was able to use the categorize tool and place them under Customization>Emotions>Chat Friendly Emoticons, so that way the site knew to feature them in the "Add emoticon or Avatar" group. But with these emotes and future emotes, it seems all we can do is add tags. The tag system is good, but it looks like it doesn't make them available in the "Add emoticon or Avatar" tab in the same way that the categorization function did before Eclipse.
This has been keeping me from uploading future emoticons I have saved, mostly because I want to make sure I'm doing everything properly and my emotes are able to be used!
To further illustrate my issue, when highlighting emotes in the "community" section (when uploading a deviation), they still bring up the old categorization. This implies that Eclipse is still using this old categorization system, while we currently do not have a way to categorize our deviations in the same way (see image below "Look UP by Tvoltage, Aug 5, 2019 in Customization > Emoticons > Chat Friendly Emotes > Small - up to 25x50 > Animated").
ChatFriendlyEmotes 02 LU
I believe before eclipse, just tagging our emoticons wouldn't make them available for public use through "Add emoticon or Avatar" either, so this seems more like an unintended byproduct of removing the "category" feature. Thus removing our only way to submit emotes to "community emotes" under "Add emoticon or Avatar".
Though it does feel like I am missing something possibly? I hope what I'm saying is making some sense. Maybe it takes a week or two for them to be sorted into the "emoticon tag" system and I just need to be patient? I feel like I've been talking myself in circles so thanks for staying with me haha
All I know is that
  • while I can pull up emotes that I've made in the past year before being switched over to Eclipse by looking up tags like these: A Little Nasty Wave Hello Look UP
  • I can not pull up emotes that I made in the past few weeks AFTER eclipse was established in the same way, the two I posted at the top of this reply being an example.
I did submit a ticket to DeviantArt support for this issue a week ago when I was first having the issue too. Still have not heard back from them, but if I do I will let you know! Thank you again for helping me out :) <3
Acerbical Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2020  Professional General Artist
Hello @Tvoltage,
I can see what you mean!! This has been submitted to be reviewed. I appreciate this feedback too!!
In the meanwhile, I would like to encourage you to continue making and submitting your emotes using the tags. We need to do all that we can to bring back this beautiful emote community!! :tighthug:
(1 Reply)
a-kid-at-heart Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2020
Good question. I'm hoping that the new CV's (Acerbical) can come up with some sort of guide for the community to explain how users can interact with the site again.
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