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“young master!” yelled a maid. Both of the twins heads raised up. “young master! The party has started! where have you two been!?” she asked catching her breath. Kaoru giggled slightly. “we just got home. The club had a thingy again.” the maid sighed. “fine just hurry. your outfits are laid out in your room” she bowed and walked away mumbling.
the two started walking inside, but hikaru stopped. Kaoru looked at im confused. All day Hikaru had kept quiet and to himself. He was distant,and nobody could figure out why. “what is it?”  Kaoru asked. he sighed. “Hikaru, i can't help you when youre like this I-” Kaoru was interrupted “Help me. i need you to distract everyone while i sneak out (y/n)” Kaoru grew wide eyed.
Hikaru explained his plan. He would sneak (y/n) out of the party and take her to the festival. Kaoru nodded. “Fine. only this time. now go get dressed!” he yelled pushing his twin inside.


Everyone talked and carried on with the party. As the twins father entertained the guest, Kaoru kept an eye out for (y/n). Hikaru head the sound of her parents and signaled Kaoru to act. Kaoru dropped to the floor clenching his chest and whimpering “Ahh~ My heart! its throbbing!” Everyone rushed over to the scene.
Hikaru took this chance to grab (y/n) hand. “H-Hey!” she said trying to pull away, but he kept his grip strong. “Shh! You’ll blow our cover!” “where are we going!” she asked upset. “you’ll See! Just please be quiet!” (y/n) Nodded and walked along with her.


Hikaru lead her to the entrance of the festival. Her eyes widen with joy. “B-but why?” she asked looking at him. He smiled. “because, I care. I care for you deeply. Like.. like-like! you're the most beautiful person i ever met!” he stepped closer to her. (y/n) face grew a blush. “he hugged her close, bringin her head into his chest. She slowly wrapped her hands around his back. “and this time,I won't let them take you away.” A smile crept on her face as he thanked him. Ever since then (y/n) and Hikaru have always been by each others side.
de-dove Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
will there be any update on this or is it the end?
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