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“Whats gotten into you Hikaru?” his twin asked. “what do you mean?” He said not even looking up from his video game.”your never in such a bad mood.”He signed putting down the game. “It's just (y/n)” he stared “She changed so much from the last time I saw her. i mean shes not the same little happy girl she was. She so quite and distant from everyone, almost like shes mad at the world” He muttered. “i do have to admit, shes not the same. Maybe she trying to adjust to being back in Japan..” he responded

*knock knock*

“Excuse me masters” A maid says walking in. “your father has request that you pick out you wardrobe plans for the party next months party.” she said handing them a catalog of veracious outfits. “can ask who might be attending?” Kaoru asked. “yes certainly.” she said. She named several of of families including the host clubs families. “thank you” he said. “oh I'm sorry sir, the (l/n) family will be attending as well.” She did a small bow and left the  room. Hikaru grunted. “I'm sure she'll be back to normal in no time” Kaoru said trying to cheer him up. He laid down on his bed. His mind going back to the happier moments with her.


The bell for the end of the day rang. Everyone had left but Hikaru stayed behind to grab his things. “Come on Hikaru!” (y/n) yelled. “Huh what is it?” he asked “I told your dd you were going home with me today.” she said. He grew confused. “alright, and what about it? I been to your house before.” he said. She started to whimper. “We're not really going to my house.” “What! What are you talking about!?” he said rising his voice a little. “shh! Be quite!” he said covering his mouth. “come on! Were going to be late!” she said dragging him out the room. “were we going” he asked trying to catch his breath. “we're going to a summer festival!” she said excited. “you mean with commoners?"  he said getting nervous. “yes. But they arnt scary or anything!” she said.

He fallowed her down to the docks were the festival was being held.



“I see your to good to run.” he said. Her face grew annoyed. He sat down next to her on the bench. “why are you really sitting out?” he asked. “my asthma. Remember.” “But I thought you were getting better? What happened? Never stopped you before..” “After I went to America I stopped running as much, so my heart is weaker.” she replied. “i see.”

“Why are you sitting out? Shouldn’t you be participating?” she asked. “well if you must know, I have Host Club duties. I cant smell like sweat all day.” (y/n) began to giggle. “whats so funny?!” he yelled. She continued to laugh. “It's just you entertain girls all day!” she said in between laughs. “and whats so wrong with that” He yelled. “Hikaru! Get back to running!” yelled the gym teacher. He growled at (y/n). She continued laughing as he walked away.

“Hikaru?” he answered back with a grunt. “stupid (y/n).” he growled again. He turned in his bed. Kaoru switched off the lights. “goodnight” he said to his twin, before he climbed  in his own bed and drifted off into sleep.

'Why cant i sleep?' Hikaru lied in his bed again. Unable to sleep. Once again his mind flickered back to (y/n).


Wow Hikaru! Look at all the pretty kimonos!” (y/n) exclaimed. “whats so good about a stupid kimono?” he asked. (y/n) stayed quite ans thought about how to answer. Her little mind went blank. “I'm not sure...” she said finally giving up. The two stuck out from the crowd, wear the school uniforms. “Here try one these!” she said putting a takoyaki in his mouth. “It's alright.” he said trying to hide how good it was.

“I'm going to play some games!” she said walking to the gold fish scooping. Hikaru wondered around looking at all the little stands with food, and other little things. He made his way to small booth. The old woman sat behind the booth talking to another lady. He looked at all the peaces of jewelery and other littler trinkets, examining the details in every peace.

“would you like to buy something?” she asked. He nodded. “I like this peace right here.” he said handing her the (f/c) bracelet. “ahh what a nice choice!” he said ringing him up. He payed what he owned and walked away to find (y/n).

He looked back in the direction she was in, but she was nowhere to be found. He looked for what seemed like forever, but he failed short seeing no sign of her. 'where could she be?' he asked himself. Eventually he made his way to the end of the dock. He was beginning to panic. Just as he was about to turn back again, he was lifted off the ground. “huh?” he said as the man flung him over his shoulders. “Hey put me down!” he yelled. “I'm sorry young master I'm following orders.” The man put him in the car. Inside Hikaru was greeted by his father.

He was about to open the door and run out. “what are you doing?!” his father asked. “I need to find (y/n)!” “miss (l/n) has already been escorted home.” he explained. “I hope you know how much trouble the two of you are in” he said. Hikaru slacked down in the seat. Thousands of thoughts raced around in his head, but the one that kept coming up was “what will her father do?”


Everyone had already packed up, and left home for the day. (y/n) stayed behind have a little look around the school. She past several rooms. I light went off in her head. She was now on a mission. She turned the corner to set off the familiar room. She figured everyone was already gone, so why not use the room?

She peeked her head into the music room number 3. there was no sign of anybody. She did a double take and closed the door. She ran her fingers over the keys of the piano. She closed her eyes and felt the noted under her finger tips. At a young age she taught herself to read sheet music and play. She took a seat on the bench and got acquainted with the piano. Each note she hit mad a glorious sound. She played for a blissfully long time.

Her moment of glee came to an end when she noticed a presence in the room. She looked over still playing. Once she noticed who it was she stopped, making a screeching noise with the keys. Hikaru stood with his mouth hanging open. He quickly shut it as he was pulled back in to the real world. “you still play?” he asked. “yes. My school had a piano in the lobby, once everyone was asleep I would stay up and play.” he started getting up to leave. Just as she was about to walk out Hikaru grabbed to cuff of her yellow uniform. “you don’t have to go.” he said. His action caught her off guard causing her to look at him. “no its alright. I have to go anyway.” she explained. He looked at her wrist closely.

“you kept the bracelet?” he asked shocked. She nodded. “I cherished this bracket for the longest time when I left. It was the only thing to remind me of home.” he said sheepishly. “well anyway, see you tomorrow.” she said about to walk out. “Hey I want to watch you play sometime.” he said. She turned around. “maybe I'll play for you.” she said walking out. Hikaru burned red. It was one of the first times he saw (y/n) smile genuine since shes come home.
YES! after a really bad case of writers block, im back! and for you all waiting on a new Haruhi story, you are in luck! the next part is coming up soon! 
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