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“look chi! Fresh meat!” Mina called to the other girl drinking water. “aww! She looks kinda sweet!” Chi said completing the new girl. “yeah.. but but you know what will happen to her if she tries something on Benio senpai.” the girls disused the consequences for he poor girl if she came near the precious zuka club idol.  


Even though (y/n) was just a new second year she placed in all four year classes, and boy was she nervous. She never had trouble fitting in or making friends, but that was back at pubic school. A commoner school. She had no idea how to act in font of rich people, in fact she was only introduced to the “rich life style” this year when her family inherited a fortune. How will the kids treat her now that she was in a more high class school? But that was the least of her worries, how was she supposed to act in a school full of girls?! And to be placed in classes 2 grade levels above you just built up the pit in her stomach.

(y/n) did a small bow and thanked the attendance lady for all the hard work she has done for her. “this is Sakura, she'll be showing you around the school.” Sakura reached out her hand to shake it and (y/n) gladly excepted. She did a small bow and welcomed her to the school. She held (y/n)'s schedule showing her around to each of her classes, leading her around maze like hallways.

(y/n) heard talk of a the infamous Zuka club All around the hallways. (y/n) observed all the posters not only of the Zuka club, but of Benio. 'geez.. she must be a big thing around here..' she thought to herself. “hey senpai who are they?” she pointed to the poster. “Oh! That’s the Zuka club. They’re the talk of the school. They're basically the most popular girls at the school.” (y/n) zoned out at her listing of the countless qualities of the girls. “they're having a play soon! You should join me sometime!” (y/n) politely smiled. “but they're only human, so why treat them like royalty?” Sakura stopped. “what ever you do, don't talk about the Zuka club baddy. It's the only way you'll survive here!” she warned.

While walking (y/n) stopped to take a look at the swim team. Sakura stopped. “you know they're looking for new members . You should sign up!” (y/n) started in 'aww' at the girls. “come on! You don’t want to be late for the next class.” (y/n) nodded and walked on.

“well here is your class. You have a few minutes to kill before it starts. Feel free to walk around.” Sakura started “see you around!” she said leaving.

(y/n) swallowed hard looking at her schedule. 'oh biology! I'm good at this' (y/n) thought to herself. The teacher noticed her standing outside the door. “ahh you must be miss (l/n)! I’ve been expecting your arrival!” the teacher said pulling her in. “class! We have a new student! Please introduce yourself!” she said stepping out the way so the class had a view of (y/n). “uh hello. In (f/n) (l/n). please to meet you all. Please take care of me.” she said bowing.

Whispers were heard all around the room, but even so a certain pair of eyes flickered with hers. (y/n) kept her blush to a minimum. “well here are some study materials. Right now there taking a test, so you can take it when you get a little bit more acquainted with the materials.” She handed (y/n) the stack of papers. “I would like to take the test now.” she said. Everyone’s head popped up in disbelief. “well, I see no reason why not! You can have seat back there.” she pointed to the seat in the back. (y/n) took her seat and began to take her test.

“Alright class! Pass your papers up!” she called. (y/n) passed her paper up, feeling confident in her test. She collected the papers looking through them. The bell had just rang the girls took off for the door, or at least attempted. “I dismiss you not the bell!” she called as they stood still. “miss (l/n) see me after school, and since miss Amakusa wants to chew gum she can also see me after school for detention.” Benio grunted. “have a good day everyone else!” she called as the girls poored out the class. (y/n) was the last to walk out. She became a littler nervous making the pit in her stomach open up.


At lunch (y/n) was invited to sit at a table with a few of her classmates. “I'm Mina, this is Chi” she said as Chi waved. The two talked about small tings and how (y/n) was enjoying the change. “wow! You must be smart in order to be put into a class above you.” Chi said as (y/n) became a little bit sheepish. “well I should be calling Mina the lucky one! She gets to sit next to Benio Senpai!” Mina bragged about the right to sit next to the beloved school idol. “speaking of witch, where is she? I dont see her.” (y/n) stated. “oh well the Zuka club eat in Zuka club room. Nobody is allowed in unless premited by one of them. It's super privet! Not even we have seen it!” Mina said.

“well thank you for allowing me to sit with you. I think I'm going to go wonder around some more.” (y/n) said getting up. “no problem! Lets be good friends (y/n)!” Mina said as (y/n) left.
yumeriku Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i love the start of this story! please inform me when the next part is up!
theEMILY236 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014
thankies, I'll try to update as soon as possible. procrastination
yumeriku Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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