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Hi guys! Welcome to my page! :wave:

Bands/Solo Artists I have seen:
Asia, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper, Blue Oyster Cult,
Roger Waters, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Queensryche, the Alan Parsons Live Project, Alice in Chains, Bloody Mary, Vixen, Lita Ford, Asia, Ace Frehley, Echoes of Pompeii, April Wine, Saxon, Judas Priest, Crobot, Anthrax, Tom Morello, Veterans from MusiCorps, Billy Corgan, David Gilmour, Quiet Riot, Ratt, The Hollywood Vampires, Sting, Candlebox, My Morning Jacket, Willie Nelson, Nora Jones, Dave Matthews, Metallica, Neil Young w/ Promise of the Real, The Cringe, Tesla, and The Pink Floyd Experience.

Musicians I have MET: Ozzy Osbourne, Ryan Roxie, Tommy Henriksen (R.R and T.H are in Alice Cooper's solo band), Orianthi (WAS in Alice Cooper's solo band), Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult) (x5), Alice Cooper, Bloody Mary (Kat Cannons (x3), Rickee Divine, Hollie Wood, Ana Apollo), almost everybody in Echoes of Pompeii, Eric Bloom (x3), Richie Castellano (x6), Jules Radino (x4), Kasim Sulton (x3), (These four guys are in BOC too), Alan Parsons (x2), Ace Frehley (x2), Chris Wyse, Richie Scarlet (C.W. and R.S. are in Ace Frehley's solo band), Queensryche (Todd La Torre (x), Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson (x2), Parker Lundgren (x2), Scott Rockenfield), Billy Corgan, some veterans from MusiCorps, Roger Waters (x3), Lita Ford, Echoes of Pompeii 3rd backup vocalist, EOP first-aid saxaphonist, P.J. Olsson, Dan Tracey, Manny Focarazzo, Jizzy Pearl, Chuck Wright, Frankie Banali, Doc Ellis, Candlebox, a couple members of The Cringe, Jeff Keith, a couple from the P.F.E, Joey Belladonna, and Jon Donais.

Musicians/Bands I'm going to see this year: Blue Oyster Cult.

Musicians/Bands I saw this year: Tesla w/ The Cringe The Pink Floyd Experience, Anthrax, Queensryche w/ opening act Shokker, and Roger Waters (three times!).

Musicians/Bands I plan to meet this year: Blue Oyster Cult

Musicians/Bands I met this year: A couple members of The Cringe, Jeff Keith, a couple from the P.F.E., Joey Belladonna, Jon Donais, Todd La Torre, Michael Wilton, Parker Lundgren, and Roger Waters (twice!).

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Some more things about me:

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Catching Up on Life

Fri Nov 17, 2017, 10:55 PM
  • Listening to: Fushigi Iro Happiness (Mahou no Star Magical Emi)
  • Eating: Cupcakes
  • Drinking: Water
Hi guys!  It's been quite awhile since I last made a journal entry, but I've been so busy with college, I thought I'd make a journal on how life's been going now that I'm on Thanksgiving break!  :aww:  (I'll upload photos when I get the chance)

After making the fourth annual Chocolate Chibis set, I went on vacation to Florida for a week for the first time in awhile!  I more hung out at a nearby shopping district where they had some cool shops and fine dining!  :drool:  I also had some fun at a beach, where I got to swim in the Atlantic Ocean and collect sea shells.  :la:

Then a couple weeks after my vacation, I started my first semester at my local community college as an associate's graphic design major!  :D  My schedule for this semester mainly consists of art classes (Basic Drawing I and Design I) all day on Mondays/Wednesdays, while English, HTML, and 2D Animation (an evening class) are held on Tuesdays/Thursdays.

Basic Drawing I - It's alright.  It's basically a beginner's drawing class where we do both in-class assignments and homework centered around how to technically do better on illustrating with traditional black and white media such as charcoal for contour outlining for example.  My professor is pretty laid back and is pretty helpful since he comes around the room to give constructive advice.  :)  There's also no quizzes or formal exams either.

Design I - While I was a bit nervous for the first couple of assignments with how my professor is analytic about precision, is actually pretty exciting!  :D  In fact, my professor is actually really friendly and writes/uploads her own presentation notes on the class site page so that me and my classmates could catch any notes from the lectures that we missed out on and use for assignment quizzes.  There are no formal exams at all too.  :D

English - Oh boy, while I was a little concerned about doing not as well as my other classes due to taking a college-level English class from senior year at high school, it has gone surprisingly well for me, especially since my professor is really nice to me since I read the required writing/genre books and use the writing center to help me with my papers.  He gets really angry at a lot of students when they don't follow his suggestions or bring the required things (thesis statements, drafts, etc) for workshop days, but he really cares a lot about wanting people to become better writers and readers and not make high school-level mistakes.

HTML - This is the class I was strongly looking forward to before starting college!  After coming home from Florida, I read and took notes of the first chapter from my textbook.  My professor is amazing too!  What I ended up finding however was that I was having a difficult time working on the tutorials for each chapter during class weekdays due to other classes.  I learned a lot about HTML/CSS, but I ended up devoting the least time unfortunately to this class.  :(  It's hard when you're attending full-time, but thankfully, my professor usually gives us between 1-3 weeks to complete the the review and case assignments.  I was given a web project to work on for the rest of the semester this week, so thankfully, I can now devote much of my time working on that.  :thumbsup:

2D Animation - FUCK YEAAAAAH, ANIMATION!  I'm on fire! I got to learn how to use Flash for the first few weeks of classes there, and it was awesome!  Then I got to learn a lot about AfterEffects for many weeks, and I gotta say, the program is amazing.  :wow:  As a former video maker myself, the amount of tools and features I could use is amazing.  Then there was a quick week I spent learning on Adobe Premiere Pro; not really much to say other than it's primarily used to put together film footage.  Shrug   Finally, before Thanksgiving break, I was given my final project, which to animate whatever I wanted, so I'm going to be working on a BOC animation, which I'll upload on YouTube!  :D  Along with the web project, I'm gonna be working on this too!  I'm planning on spending 2-3 days working on the animatic and then spend the rest of Thanksgiving break making the lineart.  :)  By the time I return to classes, I want to have at least most of the lineart finished, and that's when I'll spend the rest of my work time adding color and special effects.  :squee:

So yeah, that's about it for my classes, but there's some more that's been going on besides that.  Earlier this year, I won a scholarship from their foundation, so last month, I got to attend a ceremony to celebrate!  :D  There's was LOTS of pie.  Yummy pie!

Also, sometime during my first or second week, I received mail from my college, which included a nomination code to join a leadership organization at my campus!  :D  After signing up with my code, I had to complete some steps in order to be properly inducted, which included orientation, leadership training day, peer meetings, and leadership broadcasts.  As of this week, I completed all of the required steps and can now attend the induction ceremony in a couple weeks!  :la:

Overall, my fall semester has been fantastic!  :D  I already registered for classes earlier this month for the Spring semester, and this is what I'll be taking!  :la:
- Another English Class
- Psychology
- Typography
- 3D Animation
- Dreamweaver (Online only)

Alright, now let's step away from academics concerts, was there any shows I went to this Fall?  Well, as some of you know, yes!  :D  I saw Blue Oyster Cult again in October! 

During the afternoon, I got to watch the band for an hour during soundcheck which was interesting.  Weirdly enough, I was the only VIP member to show up, because the venue VIP coordinator's didn't notify anyone about the soundcheck beforehand.  I asked them before that day if it was happening, and they told me to just show up at 3 PM.  It was really cool, even cooler when they played a little bit of Pink Floyd and a few BOC songs in full length (Summer of Love, Burnin' for You, Dancin' in the Ruins).  :)  I didn't get to meet any of the members at all after the soundcheck since they were heading back to their dressing rooms, so after the soundcheck I left and just hung around town for a couple hours before heading back upstairs for dinner.

I had an amazing dinner at the Club Arcada, which I'll be returning to in Janurary to see Kip Winger.  ;)  The owner of the venue and security were nice enough before the meet and greet were nice enough to bring my poster to the band to have signed before the meet and greet and hold on to after the concert.  During Mark Farner's set (the opener, who blew me away), I went downstairs to meet the band (dressing rooms are downstairs.  :P), and slowly walking up to the big arch to the green room with the big clock in it, I immediately went up and hugged Buck Dharma.  At the time of this evening, it had been over a year since I last them; I also couldn't see them in August this year either since the show they were playing was a private corporate gig.  I've also sometimes interacted with Buck online, so to meet him in person again meant a lot to me, since I've loved my senpai for over three years.  Blush   He was very, how should I put this, affectionate!  :blush:  While we were hugging, he was very friendly towards me and saying nice things.  Then after hugging, Danny Miranda immediately brought up about how they loved my poster, and the other guys said they did too!  I told him I would send him a copy if he wanted to, and when Jules Radino talked about the artwork too, I had to hug him since I was standing next to him.  :aww:  Then I moved to the middle and me and my dad got a couple pictures with the band!  :la:

Then when BOC came on and played, I was stunned by their performance.  They played many songs I haven't heard them play before until now, which was why I was really to see them move away from the same typical playlist.  :)  Would love for them to have more variety at their shows like this one, which is why this show became my favorite BOC evening of all time.

After the concert, I went up to the security man who was at the door entrance to the basement staircase, who said that he would let me go back downstairs for at least on minute, because he along with the band really loved my fanart, and when I came downstairs, it turned out that Danny really wanted to see me again so we could about how I could digitally send the poster file to him, because he loved it so much, that we wanted to hang it in his living room.  :hug:  I got to hug him a few times, and Danny overall was great.  I'm happy that he's returned to the band, because not only does he kick ass onstage, but he's a sweet guy.

By the way, while I was chatting with Danny, Richie was sitting on a couch in front of us texting, who told me that Andy (The blonde dude on the poster / BOC's tech guy) was stunned to find out that he was on it!  :D

Then while me and my dad were heading back upstairs, we see Buck Dharma pop out of one of the dressing rooms, who notices me immediately.  (Senpai noticed me!  :lmao:)  When I went up to hug him, he kisses me on the cheek.  :blush:  ...Well, technically missed, since I was so caught up in the hug, that I had not expected that to happen, but I was so warmed by his affection!  He also said my art was pretty awesome and asked for a copy too!  Then I braved myself up and asked for another kiss, and I got one on the cheek, and I was just so heartmelted.  Love Tards  I was in so much bliss, that I called him a sweetheart, and he said "You too!"  Heart Love Then as I was ready to leave, my dad went up to him to thank him for being so gracious to me online.  :D

This may have not been the greatest concert of all time for me in terms of performance, since I've seen more amazing shows such as Roger Waters and Scorpions, but this is personally my favorite night of all time based purely on experience.  I was spoiled so much not only by my parents, but by the band and venue staff themselves, and I am so grateful for this amazing experience.  I have such a huge love for Blue Oyster Cult that I love going to their shows to meet them with how accessible and friendly many of their members are.  Of course, I do highly admire their albums, but with the band with members that are so highly interactive with their fans (Erm, maybe not Eric.   It depends on his mood.  :P), I want to meet them as much as possible before the day they hang it up. 

I really want to get around to uploading some more personal work again, especially during the whole month during mid-December until mid-January after I finish the Fall semester, so hopefully, I'll upload some more stuff like maybe more BOC fanart!  :D




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