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N5314 RH Suddenly Seymour


Tools and Refs

since people keep asking, I'm gonna start listing them...cause it's getting kinda annoying that people keep assuming I have a tablet :')


Advent Wireless USB mouse
AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro

Stock Used

shetland pony sitting by Nexu4

Nothing was used for the background (it's a simplified version of his viv at home...I was gonna draw all the logs and the lights too, but then I got lazy :P)

RIBBON/TROPHY to be placed here when applicable

Official (Registered) Name: N5314 RH Suddenly Seymour
Etymology: The song and character from Little Shop Of Horrors!
Call Name/Barn Name: Seymour, Sey-Sey, Little Man
ID#: N5314
Gender: Stallion
Age: 8 years
Breed: Pure PadroHorse
Build: Light (Shetland Pony) 
Height: 10 hh ("normal" height for shows), can shrink to rat-sized (and often does, for cuddles! <3)
Discipline(s): Halter/Liberty, Free jumping, companion pony
Tarot Cards: Aquarius (proof) - added failed Hornaru, Capricorn (proof) - size change
Main Rider: occasionally does kiddy rides for the little kids at Ravenwood :)

Import/Foal Design: N5314 Personal Padro Custom by TheElvenJedi

Orientation: Heterosexual
Crush(es): --
Mate: --

Friends: Ava, pretty much everyone, really...
Enemies: Not really anybody...
Theme Song(s): Suddenly Seymour - Little Shop Of Horrors, I'm So Excited - Pointer Sisters

Personality: Bubbly, happy-go-lucky, very much a sweetheart who loves anyone and everyone. Very cuddly, loves to shrink down to pocket size and climb into people's laps for snuggles <3

-All his markings are symmetrical, except for the spot above his left nostril, which is ONLY ON THE LEFT PLS. Thank.
-Loves everyone, but is very much Ava's baby and follows her EVERYWHERE. Gets very despondant if he doesn't see Ava at least 3 times a day and will go looking for her if so.
-Likes to chase bugs around the stables.
-King of bleps. He bleps a LOT, pretty much all the time.
-Both design and personality are based on my scaly baby Seymour <3 
-Can't really be contained, since he can just shrink down to tiny size and squeeze under the stall doors... (it's okay though, he usually just wants to find a lap to snuggle on so if you can't find him ;))
-Generally a sweetie, but gets grumpy when around other stallions, will probably try to bite them even if they're big enough to step on him xD
-Gets very sleepy when it's cold, needs to be kept somewhere well-heated so he doesn't freeze!

Failed Features:
-Reptile-like eyes.
-No Hornaru rune
-Horns are not speckling coloured, but pale cream/base coat ish shade
-Leg horns are a singular, small black horn that appear to be mimicking claws...
-No horns on top of head, but has four horns on each cheek, and many little spiky horns in a beard-like shape on his chin/throat. These "puff" out adorably when he's annoyed or yawning!

Rare points:
bay +1
cream +2
champ +5
pangare +4
(failed) HORNARU +10
one-colour orange speck +0
unnat markings +5
unnat tail +5
light build +2

total: 75
Class: Very Rare

Padro Points Tracker:
-starter +7

-this ref +6
-flat fullbody +3
-detailed bg +3

-shaded fullbody +5
-detailed bg +3
-Ready to Mingle bonus (Ballator) +2

-shaded chibi +3
-detailed bg +3

-flat headshot +1

total: 28

Rank: Breedable
Rank Perks: None yet

Ability Points Tracker: tba

Breeder: TheElvenJedi 
Barn: Ravenwood Hollows Ranch (RH), Padro Mixed Barn, (or Ava's house XD)
Current Owner: TheElvenJedi
Phenotype: pangare amber cream champagne CHIMERA (f)HORNARU INOEK (Sejul Stakorn carrier) with unnatural markings, tail and minimal one-colour orange speckling
Mane Stripes: No
Genotype: EE Aa nCr nCh nP ntl nUn CcmCcm fHrn InkInk nSjl nStk minnSpk
Eye Colour: Green-yellow
Passable Traits: dilution 0-50%, champagne 0-50%, pangare 0-50%, tail 0-50%, unnat markings 0-50%, CHIMERA 100%, (failed)Hornaru 0-50%, INOEK 100%, SEJUL 0-100% (only if bred to another SEJUL!), STAKORN 0-100% (only if bred to another STAKORN!)

*=star rank/level, up to 5 star (*****)
Trophy=Quality blood, 2x is Perfect Blood, 3x is Ultimate Blood, 4x is Superb Blood, 5x is Marvelous Blood
Target= Excellent Blood, 2x is Legendary Blood, 3x is Infinite Blood :) (Smile)
------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown
Breeding Spots:


Slot payment|Breeding rules signed|Mate|Breeding picture
Bullet; Orange=completed, ready to use
Bullet; Black=not completed, may not be used
Bullet; White=not required
Bullet; Blue=used
 slot holder-mate-foal(will be marked as "unused" if there is no foal yet)
Please do NOT let a breeding pass if any bullets are black or the partner is not the same horse as listed on the slot!!

Breeding Restrictions: Pure, registered Padro stallions ONLY. Mare CANNOT share an ancestor with this horse before the fourth generation (e.g. DDDS etc.) in their lineage tree, i.e. NO INBREEDING. Linebreeding(4th gen or later), however, is okay! :3

Breeding Status: Bullet; RedclosedBullet; Red, and likely to remain so. He is my baby, I'm not gonna be giving out his slots to anyone else, probably ever. :nod:
  1. Bullet; White|Bullet; White|Bullet; Black|Bullet; White slayingallhumans (gift) - N/A - unused
  2. Bullet; White|Bullet; White|Bullet; Black|Bullet; White WildOracle (gift) - N/A - unused
  3.  Bullet; White|Bullet; White|Bullet; Black|Bullet; White Mimi-McG (gift) - N/A - unused
  4. Bullet; White|Bullet; White|Bullet; Black|Bullet; White mine - N/A - unused
  5. Bullet; White|Bullet; White|Bullet; Black|Bullet; White mine - N/A - unused
  6. Bullet; White|Bullet; White|Bullet; Black|Bullet; White mine - N/A - unused
  7. Bullet; White|Bullet; White|Bullet; Black|Bullet; White mine - N/A - unused
  8. Bullet; White|Bullet; White|Bullet; Black|Bullet; White mine - N/A - unused
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CHONKY BOI I am a dummy! Love I love this design 
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THE BEST BOI :dummy: So glad I made him when I did ;A;
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Awww thanks for the slot <3333 it means a lot :heart: He's only gonna get bred to the most special lady 
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Of courseeee, you're welcome :huggle: And yaaaayy! :dummy:
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Suddenly Seymore is standing beside meeeeee~
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You don't neeeeed no make-up don't have to preeeeeeetendddddd :la:
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Psh, us cats dun need makeup anyway :la:
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