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Elven's Tokota Lore by TheElvenJedi, literature

And she smiled, and she said "I thought chivalry was dead~"...

My SWTOR Fanfic

[SWTOR Fanfic] Creeping Shadows : Chapter Seven by TheElvenJedi, literature

[SWTOR Headcanon/Ref] House Ahaszaai Crest
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Valka And Babies Aaaa

Elf/Elven | Female (She/Her) | Polyam Aego Lesbian | Star Wars (specifically SWTOR) Trash

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SWTOR Opinions that def piss off like half the fandom lmao

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I used to be really into HARPG, but not as much anymore. I still pop in to doodle my horses/equisona every once in a while when I feel like it! But rn I'm focused mainly on other things!

Current fandoms/posting habits are:

  • Watership Down/ the WSD-based RP group, War-For-The-Warren . where I also admin, we're mainly discord-based but you can find all valid links in the group. We'd love to have you join us! :D

  • Star Wars, specifically SWTOR (era), and all my related OCs and fanfics

  • Looking at rebooting/starting my old comic series, "Last Blood", up again in the future sometime! :dummy:

  • Tokotas Tokotas

  • Warrior Cats (mainly FanClans/fanfics and OC-based, I lost interest in the actual books years ago, but stayed for the fandom :P)

  • Occasionally DARPG and a little bit of HARPG

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Favourite Visual Artist
anyone on my +watch list! :D
Favourite Movies
Star Wars, LotR + The Hobbit, The Great Wall, Raya & the Last Dragon, Dune
Favourite TV Shows
quiz/game shows, Sci-fi shows (Babylon 5, Star Trek:Voyager), also documentaries about nature, that type of thing
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Halsey, The Antlers, Glass Animals, Fall Out Boy, Of Monsters and Men, Ed Sheeran, EDEN, Hop Along, Shinedown, The Crane Wives
Favourite Books
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, Watership Down, Felidae, LOTR/The Hobbit, Other Tolkein works, any of the Star Wars books
Favourite Writers
J.R.R. Tolkien, Richard Adams,
Favourite Games
The Sims 4, SWTOR, KOTOR 1 & 2, ARK: Survival Evolved, Story of Seasons, RDR 2, Grounded
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Nintendo Switch Lite, PS4
Tools of the Trade
BRAIN, mouse, drawing program, Google docs
Other Interests
Animals, biology, nature, casual walks/hikes

!! Important Activity Notice !!

Oh hey, an update journal! [TW] by TheElvenJedi, journal

Ya know when you're so stressed that your brain hurts? yaaa that's me rn ;-; In more positive news I AM going home tonight, but my computer can't be moved over with me and that'll happen on Friday! So hopefully from next week you'll start to see a bit more activity from me here, again. IRL problems willing. Maybe a bit longer than that, depending how long it takes to sort this stuff out.
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At this point I am convinced that the universe looked at me this year and went "You know what, fuck THIS WOMAN in particular" and I do not appreciate it
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Done some minor clean-up/sorting of my gallery now that I have CORE for a bit, so if you notice things have changed a bit/moved around, that's why :XD: I've made separate sections in the SWTOR + KOTOR folder for each needed sub-folder (refs, art, writing, shitposts etc) so there are now separate folders for Subtefugeverse, Zephyrverse and Reverse!Zephyrverse which I like organisation-wise much better. I'll still be keeping the "SWTOR OCs Refs" and "SWTOR OCs Art" as a kind of "everything SWTOR related" dump tho! Just there'll be separate sections as well depending on which timeline(s) you're interested in following! :dummy: I've also finally been able to do something similar for my WFTW folder (separate folder for apps/refs, general art, submitted RPs, Group Memes, and Activity Checks) and my Misc/Other HARPG folder (sorted by Breed, with a "Refs" and "Art" folder for each breed. E.g. "Peafries Refs" and "Peafries art" etc, as well as my sales folders (all HARPG sales are now
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Here, have a very cute pet to cuddle! :dummy: llama-plz

Aaaa what a cutie! Thank you so much! :D

Thank you for watching! It means a lot! ^ ^

Thanks for the badge!