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The place for the highest quality fan art of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Here is the home of the top-notch, best OCs the fandom has to offer. Welcome to the ranks of The Elite of the Clans.

This group's former founder was Lucid-Bug. She was the one who started it all!

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Warrior Cats

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Hello fellow Warriors fans! You have now entered TheEliteOfTheClans, where the name says it all. This is the home and gathering place for the very best fan art and OC's that DeviantART has to offer. Don't be shy! Come on and join! If you have any questions at all, please contact any of the administrators and we'll be glad to help ^^ Hit that join button and be welcomed among the ranks of the elite of the clans...

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:bulletgreen: OC's
:bulletgreen: Canon characters
:bulletgreen: Comics
:bulletgreen: Complete literature, including chapters of fanfiction and poems.
:bulletgreen: Animations or links to animations to other sites (such as MAP, AMV, etc.)
:bulletgreen: Detailed icons
:bulletgreen: Tutorials, memes, character charts, draw this again, etc.

:bulletred: Adoptables, Your Character Here (besides completed ones), or anything you're selling
:bulletred: Humans or any humanoid cats
:bulletred: Cats with accessories besides collars. No jewelry, humanized hair, or human accessories. This also includes cats with unnatural fur colors, such as pink, blue, or green.
:bulletred: Blank bases or any art using a base
:bulletred: Cats not resembling cats at all
:bulletred: WIP or any unfinished works
:bulletred: Journals advertising yourself or anything
:bulletred: Any advertising at all
:bulletred: Any work that is not your own
:bulletred: We also reserve the right to deny any piece of art that doesn't meet our standards

:star: :star: :star: Group Rules :star: :star: :star:

:bulletblack:1 Join! This group will be great, and will continue to grow with your help!

:bulletgreen:2 Please submit your art, or become a watcher to see the awesome stuff that'll be going into our galleries.
This is a quality-based group, so please submit your best works! Even if your piece is declined, don't take it personally. Instead take it as a challenge to get better! ;P Remember though, please submit things to their proper folders. If you are unsure of where to put it, just submit it to the folder you think it belongs and the admins will move it if necessary, or simply, ask us! :) New pieces are submitted to the Featured folder each month, hand-picked by the admins, so keep an eye out and see if your piece will make it!

:bulletblack:3 Please remember to make your OC's original and to put a lot of thought into them!
Try to make them fit into the Warriors world too, meaning try be light on unnatural colored cats, jewelry, humanized hair, superpowers, ect. They are cats, not some 'advanced' species. Cats from FanClans are allowed.

:bulletgreen:4 No base art, at all! We all know every single one of you is a better artist than that!
Any art submitted using a base will be denied. Bases are okay to edit and get the general idea of what you want a character to look like, but not to submit as your own. If you think your art skills are lacking, don't believe it for a minute! Practice: it's what every successful artist did to get where they are today. Just remember to TAKE YOUR TIME and practice to make good quality art and bring your OC's to life, all of your effort and patience will pay off. :D So, we challenge you to work on original art and submit the best of your abilities to our galleries!

:bulletblack:5 We will under no certain terms allow art thieves!
One of the worst things you can do to an artist is steal their original creations and call them your own. If anyone is caught stealing OC's or fanart, you will be banned. OC's with SIMILAR fur patterns or a similar name is understandable, just remember to make sure you're putting the 'O' in OC when making your character.

:bulletgreen:6 No bullying, flaming, or telling others that their art or characters suck.
It will not, by any means, be tolerated and you will be banned. This is a positive place for fans of the Warriors series and we need your help to keep it that way. :)

:bulletblack:7 No advertising allowed!
Please don't advertise your art on our page or submit something that asks people to view your art. If we accept your art, then that means we like it and, since we are a group that promotes good art, then that means your artwork is great since it is in our galleries! So, in a way, we advertise for you! :D

:bulletgreen:8 Recommend a friend!
Do you know someone who's a really good artist? Feel free to recommend them to this group! We're always looking for new members to join our ranks as the elite!

:bulletblack:9 Have fun!
This group is here for the fans to interact, post art, and talk about this great fandom! Feel free to leave comments, we love your feedback. ;P

:bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: OC Starter Help :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack:

For those of you wanting to make an OC but coming to some road blocks, these sites can help!

Cat Maker Flash
I'm sure most of you have found this flash game already, but for those of you who haven't, check out this wonderful game made by Neikoish! Remember, this tool is great for figuring out what your cat should look like, but we encourage you to only use it as reference and not post it as your own!

Name Generators
Try out these name generators for finding that perfect Warrior name!…

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Books Coming Soon And New Releases
Warriors: A Vision of Shadows
Darkest Night - 7 November 2017
River of Fire - 10 April 2018
The Raging Storm - 6 November 2018
Warriors: Super Editions
Crowfeather's Trial - 4 September 2018
Warriors: Novellas

Survivors: The Gathering Darkness
Red Moon Rising - 3 October 2017

Broken Pride - 17 May 2017
Code of Honor - 6 February 2018

Warriors Fanfiction and FanClan
For those of you who didn't know, the Erins have a section for posting fanfictions and a fanclan section for RPing directly on their website!…

Warriors Games
Here are some Warriors games on the official site that are pretty fun.
The New Prophecy Quest…
Hunting Game…
Consult StarClan for your Warrior Clan!…
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Thistleclaw X Snowfur by WoofyDragon
Holly And Willow by th1stlew1ng
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Protect by th1stlew1ng
Canon Warriors Scenes
Warriors // Tigerstar and Sasha by Harryfly
warriors by Aomamesbeast
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~ Jaypaw and Leafpool by LysitheaWO
Canon Character Stills
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Squirrelflight  by HeatherBerserker
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Canon Character Stills 2
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Dark Forest Commission by turnipBerry
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[TSL] Whistlingstar | 2021 by ManlyKaz
[TSL] Swoop of Kestrel by ManlyKaz
On the Stars' steps - Prequel (part 1)Here is the first part of On the Stars' steps' prequel ! Finally had the courage to translate it. Since I'm not a native english speaker, I may have made mistakes, so if you see any, please let me know so I can correct them !___________________________________________________________________________________A golden strike shot out the bushes. Panicked, the bright-colored animal was running recklessly through the woods. Fear was making her sick while incessant cramps were hurting her stomach endlessly. The time had finally come, but without any shelter to hide from sights and cold, a deadly end would take shape in front of the lonely female. Finally, after many minutes of research, a glimmer of hope started to shine before her eyes. Generous bushes, a large-rooted tree, and a burrow in-between them. The air was pure, no other animal scent seemed to be here, not even in the den that must have been inhabited by a badger. The she-cat slithered quickly between the leaves, cramps getting less and less violent as she was relieved to find somewhere to hide. She settled in the lair while making sure no one was here to chase her, and sighed. Another abdominal pain, and the labor started. The female was breathing wearily and heavily, trying her best to stay calm despite her fear and anxiety. Her underside was wet, showing that she had little time left before the fateful moment. Suddenly, feeling that not a single second was left, she took a last inhalation and pushed with all her might. Two whole moons carrying them, to finally get to this wonderful moment. The she-cat bent the spine. She was almost there, it was about to be over, she was finally going to meet them. Despite her clouded and tired mind, she managed to find the force to ultimately end it. The kitten fell on the ground, its slimy fluff glued against its body. The female collapsed for a moment while breathing heavily, exhausted by such a tough experience, and quickly came back to her kit. Instinctively, she pulled it closer and started to groom it carefully. The kitten, a small she-cat, was squirming and squealing, already trying to find her mother’s nipples in order to taste her first meal. The small grooming session lasted a few more minutes, before the female felt another strike of pain in her belly. She groaned, not wanting to do it again, but gritted her fangs nonetheless, aiming at giving birth to this second child. The operation wasn’t any easier for the young mother, but the kitten ended up coming to the world in his turn, breathing unwillingly its first mouthful of air. It was meowing and chirping furiously, probably upset to be forced to leave its cozy nest like this. Despite her tiredness, the female immediately started to groom the newcomer, a tiny male, with as much care as she gave his sister. Once the two kits were clean and dry, their voracious newborn instincts led them on their mom’s breast path. Meanwhile, the young she-cat was only seeing in this scenery her kittens’ perfection, admiring their cute little faces. “They’re so beautiful…” she murmured, awed by her dear children.She was so proud, she just gave birth to her very first litter, alone, without anyone’s help. The kits seemed to be in good health, ready to valiantly face life. The young mother sighed from joy and happiness, her two kittens pressed against her belly, and she laid her head on the ground. After so many efforts and emotions, she deserved a good nap… When the sun started to rise, Colza yawned, showing all her pointy fangs, and gazed at her two kittens. Bathed by some warm sun beams coming through the leaves, she had the chance to have a better look at them and admire their thin fluff.The male’s fur was pretty similar to hers ; golden with a caramel-colored back. The she-kit had an even brighter pelt, stripped not unlike her father’s coat. Her father…Colza could feel her throat clench as she was remembering about the one who gave her the two gems who were now sleeping against her. She terribly missed her mate, Ace. If things had been simpler, they would have never splat up, but fate had decided otherwise.Loner since her birth, Colza only knew street, fear, and hunger. Ace had been her savior, he showed her a better life, a life full of pleasure and love. The handsome iced-gazed male was a domestic cat, a privileged. He didn’t know hunger, he never lived in the fear of not seeing his parents return home, he never worried about getting hurt by a car, and he always had a house where he could hide during bad weather. Despite his superiority, he had took Colza under his care, he helped her find food on famine days, he provided her a shelter to hide from the other neighborhood cats, and he gave her what she needed the most : a friend. The poor female only had her sister as a confident, their parents being too busy looking for food and their brother having joined a cat group in another street. The young she-cat had seemed to lose everything when her own sister fell in love with a tom and ended up abandoning her. But Ace then came into her life.He jostled everything, he did everything for her. Colza finally felt loved, and the two companions quickly became more than just friends. This connection was so strong that Ace’s humans had almost adopted Colza ; they were letting her come inside of their house, they were giving her food, and they were treating her like she was part of their household. Even the beautiful female had started to tolerate their pettings. It was after a few moons spent in this den that the short she-cat’s belly had started to get round, and soon it was obvious that she was pregnant. Ace and her were both filled with joy and excitement by this, but their feelings were unfortunately short lived.Having spent his whole life with humans, Ace was capable of understanding their language. It was an evening, once the family was gathered, that he could hear a very worrying conversation :“There’s no way we’ll keep the kittens, the male human had said. We’ll give them as soon as they’ll be weaned.”Ace had felt his heart stop. Not that, not his children. He has hastened to run to Colza’s side, explaining everything that he had heard without being able to hide his emotions. The she-cat, like him, didn’t want to be separated from her kittens. After all, why should a mother abandon her kits for a human’s sake ?After numerous days of reflection, Colza had taken the difficult decision to leave the house to come back to her solitary life, ignoring her mate’s complaints and warnings.“This is completely crazy ! he had shouted. Street isn’t a good place to raise kittens, you said it yourself !— I won’t come back there ! she had retorqued. I’ll go into the woods…— But the woods are full of wild cats, dirty and violent ! If they catch you on their territory, they’ll rip your fur off, they won’t care about you leaving starving kittens behind.”Despite her lover’s desperate words, Colza had refused to abandon her kittens, and had decided to leave even before their birth.“Your owners could trap me into their house after the calving, or even come and take me if I give birth in their garden… I don’t want to risk that.”Devastated, Ace had then decided to play his last card : following his beloved into the woods, even if it meant abandoning the comfort of his domestic cat’s life. But it was Colza herself who stood up against this idea and insisted that he let her leave alone. She was used to living by herself, and she didn’t want her mate to waste his own life by abandoning everything he had always knew and loved. “A lot of people will miss you, she had argued. I’ll make it, don’t worry, and I’ll come back in a few moons to present our children to you.”These words were hurtful, but necessary. She couldn’t let Ace’s humans steal them their kittens, and she didn’t want anyone to miss her mate, or him to start a life he wouldn’t like. After heartbreaking farewells, Colza had fled, alone, deep into the woods.While the young she-cat was remembering her dear Ace’s face for the umpteenth time, chirpings brought her back to reality. Against her belly, her kittens were squirming, and she quickly started to lick them and warm them up. Weather was becoming cold, and the small breeze coming from outside was largely enough to make young kits like this shiver. Maybe I should name them, the female thought while covering her children with her tail. She gently brushed her son’s pelt with her nose, noticing how soft it was. It feels like the ones of the tiny creatures we were chasing with my sister back then, she remarqued with amusement. He’s all small and fluffy. His name is obvious : he will be Ermine. Smiling with satisfaction to the name she found for her son, she looked back at her daughter. Her fur has the same color as Ace’s humans’ flowers, she thought. How did he call them again…? Ah, yeah. This she-cat will be Crocus. Ermine and Crocus, unaware of the fact that they just got named, were calmly suckling on their mother’s breast while massaging her belly with their cute little paws. They already meant so much to her, she couldn’t imagine life without them ! ___________________________________________________________________________________I hope you enjoyed that first part ! Please tell me if you see any mistake !
KC ch 15 pg 236 by Hawktalon07
Softwing's story - Prolouge page 10 by Purple-Winged-Angel
Softwing's story - prolouge page 9 by Purple-Winged-Angel
Softwing's story - prolouge page 8 by Purple-Winged-Angel
Book Covers
The Outbreak [COVER] by CoyoteFlowerrs
The Outbreak Cover (OLD) by CoyoteFlowerrs
Bluestar's prophecy by Plasmaticia
Le Maitre de la Lune - La BD - PAGE 3 FR by O-DemonKill-O
Animations and Icons
Get Up - Part 7B (collab with Catfrost) by DasBlueStorm
"Family" - Contest Entries
Leafpool and Jaypaw by Hykuraa


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Shush about me being late. I was waiting until Valentine's Day but then I worked late. I AM HERE NOW. :heart:

FIRSTS off, we're celebrating some more beautiful OCs for the Featured folder! For this month, we are celebrating looooveeeee for Valentine's Day! We have Thistleclaw X Snowfur by WoofyDragon by WoofyDragon, Holly And Willow by th1stlew1ng by th1stlew1ng, Talltail + Jake by xCoalchaser by xCoalchaser, Protect by th1stlew1ng by th1stlew1ng, and Lovers by WCRFE by WCRFE! Congrats to all of the artists! ;P Want a chance for your piece to be moved to the Featured folder? See if your art is qualified for our galleries and hope for the best!

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