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I am now retrofitting this very old Deviantart account to serve as an archive for everything I_Animate_Ponymotes.…

  • Listening to: Jack Sparrow
  • Reading: Many, many lovely and kind e-mails.
  • Playing: Duke Nuken Forever. :<
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I do PMVs now!…
  • Listening to: Jack Sparrow
  • Reading: Many, many lovely and kind e-mails.
  • Playing: Duke Nuken Forever. :<
  • Eating: Nuthin'!
  • Drinking: Equally nuthin'!
I'm feeling creative these days, probably as a result of having spent a week or two full-time on my portfolio. Certainly spurred me to rewrite a few NAR chapters. It remains to be seen how long it'll last -- this physics stuff ain't helping. Creativity in physics generally doesn't net you a lot of marks, as I learned when the teacher somehow got upset at my changing the value for gravity. C'mon, 9.81!? That's just what the MAN wants! WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!

I'm in the process of creating what may be the first Facebook quiz made entirely with the user's own custom drawings. Probably not, actually, but it's nice to feel special, amiright? YA rly! Wait, that doesn't work. Uh... make your time? U kin haz cheezburger? Amiwrong?

Third base! I-- GAH!
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  • Drinking: Equally nuthin'!
There's a lot of people who smoke outside my school. I've always wanted to take a rolled-up piece of paper and mingle with them when it's really cold out, so my breath is visible, and then see how long it takes them to notice I'm not actually smoking.


  • Listening to: Words in my head. QUIET, HEAD!
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  • Watching: YOU.
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  • Eating: Can't get enough of that oxygen.
  • Drinking: Ok, I've had enough. *collapse*
All chapters of Nintendo Amazing Race have finally been put up, and all claims of there being some mysterious 9-month gap are completely fictitious. Wait. 9 months? I mean, I was pregnant. Yeah, that's a better excuse. Wait. Male? Dang! Oh, if only my life had been radically, radically different so I could nonchalantly use an excuse and have it be halfway believable.

Anyway, so, yeah, they're all up, including the mysterious half-of-4c, a chapter never seen before! Wooooo.

And... now what? Can't draw. Uhh. I guess I could go around making scathing remarks on pictures I don't understand. "A needle through a tongue? I've seen better representations of a shattered and unrequited love in my kitchen sink."
  • Listening to: The tapping of the keyboard. Soothing, really.
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  • Eating: Oxygen.
  • Drinking: Uh, also oxygen.
Well, I realized that the MAJORITY of people who visit this page aren't gonna really want to learn the history of Nintendo Amazing Race, much less the 5-volume epic I wrote up, before knowing what it actually IS.

I don't know the most technical term, but I call it a script-format fanfic. Like the script for a play, except all the characters' actions are within little asterisks. I don't know why.

If you've never heard of Amazing Race, the short version is this: 9 (in my case) teams of two race around the world (more than one world, in my case :P) going to different locations, a new one every 'leg', and completing challanges themed after the country they're in. There are two main types of challenges; detours, and roadblocks. Detours are a choice between two different tasks, and roadblocks are tasks that only one person can do, so the team has to choose between themselves. (Almost) every week, one person gets eliminated; that being the team that got last place. There are also non-elimination rounds in which the team who got last doesn't get kicked off, but has to suffer through some punishment on the next leg. In my version, after the first half of a leg, I would stop and have people vote who gets kicked off, and who wins; then, I write the rest of the leg, with those results.

I would also like to point out that, by the time I wrote it, I did not know that there were, like, 10 OTHER Nintendo Amazing Races. :O I did not find out until chapter 4a, where I actually mentioned it in-fic. (I was much more amazed, though, at the fact that there was another Fire Emblem Survivor. Really! What are the chances!?)

So, there ya go. NAR in a nutshell. Hey, that sounds cool. Narinanutshell, narinanutshell, narinanutshell... hee hee!
Well, when I created this profile, I certainly didn't think I'd be using it very much. It came about months ago, mostly to comment on friends' pictures. Now it looks like I'll be using it a ton! Well, at least for Nintendo Amazing Race, which was a pretty big, and cool, part of my life when I was consistently updating it.

How was it created, you ask? Oh, you didn't ask, you say. Well. Kinda hurts my feelings. Ima tell you anyway. Humph.

In the days of yore, I was a member of the NSider forums. Fun place. As a big Nintendo fan, it was a good place to discuss games and such. One day, I happened upon an attractive orange banner with dragons and strange words on it. Intrigued, I clicked, and found myself in Draslushee's highly entertaining Fire Emblem Survivor! One thing that most impressed me was the way that it was completely dynamic... who stayed and who went was entirely controlled by the readers. I read most of the chapters, went to sleep, and couldn't find it again. T_T Like, months later, I found the banner again! Click! More funniness!

Yes, well, I'll get on with it.

Becoming a regular reader, I began to think... 'Man, I wanna write something like this!' But, of course, I couldn't make another Survivor parody. That'd be a little lame. These thoughts went around in my head for a while. They played games, had some fun, I didn't give them a second... uh, thought. Then the idea came as I watched an episode of Amazing Race... of course! I'll take the OTHER popular reality show where people are gradually eliminated! Being as excited as I was, my mind went into overdrive, and I bascially thought up all the teams and most of the jokes right then. Probably wouldn't have stopped for hours had my parents not told me to stop the noisy pacing the floor. :D

So, I started off slow and nervously. Made a "preview" thread to ask people if I should continue, and I went through it with some encouraging words from Ghostpikmin, another great fic writer. :D I even made a thread asking what Pokemon I should pair up with Pikachu, but then I bascially chose it myself. >_>

Then it began! Reception was slow, but positive. As I made more and more chapters, more and more people responded, and I got more and more votes. 3 votes for the first chap, like, 9 for the next one... went up from there...  until it got to around 30-40 votes and I just lost my zest. Lots of distractions, and school got in the way, and I KNOW that's what everyone says. It's still true, dangit. :P

It was kind of a bottomless pit. One week, I'd work up the nerve to face the cries of 'Where's the chapter!? =(', and then the next I'd realize that there'd be even MORE to face. Eventually I just permanently avoided it. So much, in fact, that I did not notice when they were about to take the forums down and all my chapters with it.

About a year ago, I started going to anotehr forum, At first it was mostly for a PbP game with friends, but the mature and friendly community drew me in. I had lots of fun socializing, and one day I thought... 'I should put NAR on THERE!' And thus started the mad dash to salvage as many chapters as I could.

I saved most of them. All except the first 5 short ones (out of 12, though later ones were longer) were on my old computer; the rest were on my OLDER computer, which I found out basically stripped for parts by my grandfather.

So, time to start re-writing! I had gotten to the third chapter when I started thinking about the days of yore (see third paragraph) and my old forum mates. Then a thought occured to me... 'You know, Draslushee is a pretty darn unique name. Maybe I could look him up, see where he was spotted last.' And, lo and behold, it brought to a certain, where the words 'last online: 4h 58m' made me do a double-take. :O

After reading his brand-new stuff, I posted a comment inviting him to come see the grand re-opening of NAR at! ...but wait a second. He's having a successful time posting his fanfics on a site MADE for all forms of art... I might as well stick it here, put up a link at, and have the best of both worlds! The community of with the tools of Deviantart! And, of course, the community of Deviantart thrown in as a bonus. ;)

And then I... hm. Guess we're in the present now. Sweet! On to chapter re-writing!

Of course, it's gonna take a lot longer than I thought. After looking at Draslushee's new easy-read format, it makes me feel a tad silly with all my single-spaced unbolded mess. :P I figure, I want to get it right this time. So, I plan to go through all my chapters and make it as easily readable as possible; bolding each character's name beofre their line, and double-spacing everyone's seperate lines from each other. It'll be worth it, I'm sure. :D

So NAR is on its way back! In-jokes, randomness, and obscure references intact! Gotta say, I can't wait. :)

Oh, and thanks for indulging the long read. I think this is longer than my first chapter. Yikes. o_O