The Last Snowball Fight
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Somepony's read Ender's Game.

Based off a prompt by /u/Lankygit!

Too fast? Slow it down with the Gfycat upload!

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Scyphi|Hobbyist General Artist
Let's just say Starlight ended that snowball fight.
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Rainbow-Night|Student General Artist
"can we use magic?" *fwomp* LMAO XD "please stop trying to murder our friends"
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BlossomBeam|Student General Artist
XD that's beautiful  
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ArterialBlack716|Hobbyist General Artist

ah, Starlight :D
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Wrong link to Gfycat.
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TheeLinker|Hobbyist Filmographer
So it is! Thank you, fixed.
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StarGiantProductions|Hobbyist Filmographer
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CobaltLegion|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i forgive her... she would kill me if i didn't XD. i love the mini's you do~
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Nun2artzy|Student Digital Artist
"Huzzah! How many points do I win?"

"Starlight. You're going to jail."

"Friendship jail?"

"No Starlight. Regular jail."

"SUPER regular jail???"

"Applejack almost died Starlight!"
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Peaches-n-Charlotte|Student Digital Artist
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I lol'ed

Also: Ey, moar animations! Dis is fun!
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Starlight takes everything seriously.
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treehugger0123's avatar
Probably should have been more specific than just "hit them with snow" XD
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I seem to forget what this has to do with Ender's Game. But yeah, this is funny.
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Milokot|Hobbyist General Artist
You beat them so hard they will never fight you again, basically. 
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AshCatArts|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Hilarious, as always
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