Special Training
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Honestly, I bet Pinkie Pie could help. But that probably also involves magic.

Based off this prompt by Raging_Mouse! One of the only prompts I didn't just wildly veer off-course from. It's a good concept.

Too fast? Slow it down with the Gfycat mirror!

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TheRabbitWhoHovers's avatar
no magic, that's cheating XD
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CielStudios|Hobbyist General Artist
xD Too awesome.
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Walker-Ironheart's avatar
hahahahaha This made my day. :) :) 
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templar127's avatar
So THAT's how they walk backwards! With magical purple aura magic! XD
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AshCatArts's avatar
AshCatArts|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Giggles "oh my god"
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CYNICALlTY's avatar
CYNICALlTY|Student Digital Artist
What amazing art.
I poor hackjob using vectors and adobe.
Truly worth 120 favourites.
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FeedbackJack's avatar
That face when she's concentrating, lol.
Relevant, maybe?: youtu.be/xvKIR0RTnhE?t=11s
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Geminii27's avatar
You know, it would honestly not surprise me if the Crusaders actually went and learned it specifically at some point to see if they could get a mark for it.
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Tyrannex's avatar
Boy are you late. On the five year anniversary of MLP:FiM, the CMC got thier Cutie Marks!
First episode of MLP:FiM aired: Oct. 10, 2010.
The five year anniversary of MLP:FiM, the day of redemption for Diamond Tiara, the return of Pipsqueak, and the day the CMC got thier Cutie Marks: Oct. 10, 2015.
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Geminii27's avatar
...yes, I did see the episode when it aired, thank you.
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Tiylos's avatar
Considering we see them run backwards during the Episode and even sing during it, not surprised that they would have learned it to try and get their cutie marks in it.
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iPandacakes's avatar
The CMC can help, the run backwards perfectly fine lol
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NopeDrawingsAndStuff's avatar
NopeDrawingsAndStuff|Hobbyist General Artist
but light of your cutie mark XD
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SecminourTheThird's avatar
SecminourTheThird|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Regardless, the CMC can probably help her after that one song in Crusaders of the Lost Mark.
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Nevel7's avatar
They've done it in the show plenty of times, so I'm guessing it's something all ponies learn at school. :)
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akumath's avatar
Brilliant! Just brilliant!
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EverlastingJoy|Hobbyist Filmographer
"No, Twilight"

That part gets me everytime.
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...Is that true?
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