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Shinigami Sakura

One Shinigami set inside a bizarre frame,
when i say Shinigami you might probably think Bleach or Death Note, I guess this one might be a bit more DN oriented, but that was`nt really what I had in mind.

A Shinigami is simply a Grim Reaper or Death Deity, as in one of many rather The One more known in western mythos, what makes a Shinigami is that they are a personification of Death, but one thing they usually have in common is their grim visage and scythe or soul cutter/zanpakutō, which means more toward sword, but you might get the idea.

I wanted to try to make an frame to try on several characters, see how it turns out, I made the frame first, then figured, hey, maybe I`ll draw Shinigami`s to fit in there... And this is the result.


I call this Shinigami Sakura, simply because her eyebrows are shaped like Sakura petals ;P
Yep, nothing more to it =3

Also, if you can`t see it well, thats a mouth in the side of her head, and one mouth above her stomach too :nod:

Hope thou like it!^^
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This is brilliant! I like the design, sort of an incomplete person. Very awesome! :D
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Thank you :D
I also thougt about animating the frame a little bit,
like having the eyes move around a little bit and such.

but I`m not sure how it`s with uploading GIF`s or similar at Da,
maybe I`ll check that out later :nod:

glad you like it^^
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That would be cool! You've have to try if you can.