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My Bio
Manga/Anime Artist
2D Animator

Current Residence: A fishing village on a Island.

Favourite Visual Artist
Kentaro Miura & Yukito Kishiro
Favourite TV Shows
Fringe, X-Files, Twin Peaks, Fargo, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann & Higurashi no naku koro ni
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Opeth, Iron Maiden, Blue Ôyster Cult, Black Mages (Nobuo Uematsu's band), Yuzo Koshiro (especially Ys and Etrian Oddysey), Shoji Meguro and Motoi Sakuraba (mostly Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile but Dark Souls is good too)
Favourite Writers
Lovecraft and Tolkien
Favourite Games
j-rpg's, rpg/action, adventure, I like the Tales of franchise, vanillaware games and Metroidvanias in particular
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation and Nintendo (the vita is alive!)
Tools of the Trade
pencil and pen, I mostly draw fantasy, horror, mythological, manga & surreal
Other Interests
anime, manga, fantasy, horror, thriller, suspense, cheese, some sci-fi, some drama, comedy, gaming, roleplaying (dices!)
An wild Elementalist mage appears! Earth, Wind and Fire! (and probably a little bit of Water) First of all: Long time no see? How do you do etc. Let's get right at it, what I like to see or hear from a (video game) RPG, this is more like a opinion/statement than fact and maybe personal preferances, but, maybe it can serve as a guide of sorts for what makes a good RPG? (maybe it very well works for other mediums as well, I dunno) in no particular order: - good epic music (that fits the mood) when traversing a dungeon, especially in dungeon crawlers, if the music isn't good you don't want to do the dungeon crawl, and intriguing battle mu
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again~ this time its the year of the snake (maybe I should try drawing some snakes, or more medusas and lamias?) my last journal entry was about the same time, hehe... wow, has it really been a year already, time really do fly by, fast! :noes: oh well, I'm having fun I guess, I did post some pictures even though I didn't post any journals, hehe, I'm not as productive as I was 2 or 3 years ago but I do enjoy drawing now and then, its probably become more of an hobby now (did I ever strive to be an professional? maybe I really didn't), my comic is on total hold, I did some more pages but I'll see if I get around and post them :) I bough
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Happy New Year!

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Congrats on the new year, China^^ It's a Dragon this time! Is it a boy? Is it a girl?! who knows... the busiest and most prosperous year of them all, its said to bring luck and productivity. Anyways, cheers with the new year mate, hopefully some of that productivity will rub off on me now, no? I got lots of scanned pictures on my hard-drive, including pages for my comic, no dragons tough... wait, there is one, not the chinese dragon looking one though, but I could try to clean that one up for today :nod: thats the thing, I leave alot of stuff unfinished, everything are mere sketches ATM, everything is a mess :lol: The path of Alchemy i
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Thanks both the favourite and the watch!
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
bah! I hit that muro drawing thing and didn't draw anything, lol, sorry~

kinda new to me etc. ;P
Dude.. tydelighvis har jeg favet noe av kunsten din. Jeg så nettop igjenom den og du er flink. NY PROFIL : BlueArtLoverT
takker og bukker, æ e bare glad for at om noen liker skissan min i hvertfall, litt sein reply, men bedre seint en aldri? :3

mulig du ikke får kommentaren her hvis du har ny profil når jeg tenker meg om? men skit au, sei takk her lell æ bare sånn i tilfelle osv.
Eg drar alldri!
... eller jo litt men ikke for alltid.. :DD