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Linux Mega Pack

UPDATE 01.07.2019!
There is now 'Remastered in 4K' version of this pack:…

As I promised in my last deviation, I created wallpaper pack related to most popular Linux distributions. Somehow I always missed dark/minimalistic/gray wallpapers related to Linux, so I decided to create a pack that will include wallpapers with most popular logos in Linux world, such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Mint, openSUSE, etc... And I hope that some people will find this pack useful. I think that these 9 distributions cover the huge percent of Linux users.

And to say again, thanks to resurgere for amazing Metal textures I used.
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I do like a lot your wallpapers; I'm a maintainer in the MATE Desktop and I would like to ask you if we could use your wallpapers with MATE 1.6 in the 'mate-wallpapers' package, or you like to remaster a 'special edition' for MATE 1.6 release, we would be much honored.

Also the licenses should be OSI compliant (ex: GPL or CC-SA). Please let me know if you would allow us to distribute them under a friendly license with MATE Desktop.

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Awesome wall Set. :-)
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lovely xD, an excellent wallpaper 4 my archie
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Wow very cool wallpaper design. Big thanks for sharing !
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You're welcome. The pleasure of sharing is mine.
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awsome wall!
very nice
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Can you make one for Pardus?
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Please i want only the wallpaper base and Thanks :)
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Wow thats incredible tanks
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I'm new to Linux and I'm loving this Mint KDE 9 Distro. Good bye Windows Corporation and hello to FREEDOM!

I will never look back!
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Very nice collection, thanks from an openSUSEr! Don't forget Source Mage in the next release, it is one of the least known but finest Linux based distros out there. Cheers.

PS: Nice to see quality wallpapers for free software.
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thanks downloading now
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