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Linux Circuitry 4K DE

This is the same 'Linux Circuitry 4K' wallpaper you can already find in my gallery, this time created with most popular Linux desktop environment logos instead distro logos from previous pack.

Previous 'Linux Circuitry 4K' wallpapers:
Linux Circuitry 4K

Original 'Linux Circuitry' wallpapers:
Linux Circuitry - Pack I
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Okay, I am liking every Linux Circuitry you are creating. They are awesome! I am making screenshot(s) of my desktop(s), and posting them on tech forums along with the URL for the wallpaper. I have but one request, can you please create one for Raspberry Pi? Thanks for all the wonderful creations!

Screenshot from 2021-08-08 15-29-40
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Thank you very nice

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These are awesome.