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I've been remiss not to update this. Most of my artistic time is taken up with my new company Forsaken Productions. I am involved in several game development projects as well as the odd story commission. I do have some personal work on my mind and I really want to expand on that. I'll try to post something up to make my gallery appear less neglected.

Speaking of my gallery...

I decided to put almost all of my gallery into storage. They're very old and I'm not happy with them being around on my gallery (Not that I think many people actually look at it). My friends on dA will probably point out I often get onto them for storing things but perhaps I'm just coming around to it.

Regardless, it is done. I will try to put some stuff up so it doesn't look like I just do parody Magic cards (Which I haven't done in years anyway).

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Aw... That's too bad. I was still hoping to read Nicht Bereit again...
Anyways, I hope you'll post some new work soon and I wish you good luck for your game projects!
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You liked that one? I have had thoughts on revising it a little. If I do, I'll upload it. :nod:
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I only read the 3 first chapters. I had some issues with the vocabulary, and I still don't understand the german title (I should have listened more carefully in German classes back in the school years ^^; ).
But even though I don't know how the story ends, I love the background and the characters and the mystery behind them. :)

Some scenes are visually stuck in my mind.

Such a shame I didn't read it all the way through!

If you upload a revised version, I think it will be easier to read (at least for non-native english speakers like me) if you split the text into shorter parts.
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It means 'Not Ready'. I actually know pretty much no German. Apart from one German magic spell later in the story, any German in it was made using an online translator. =p

What scenes out of interest?

The only reason I actually split it was because of the character limit. ^^; I may split it up more. It was originally written as one long piece. It's only 35k words so it isn't a novel, more novella length.
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Ah OK, I guess the title is related to the main character, who feels like she's "not ready" to accept her duty to lead her family.

Those two scenes especially sruck me, but I'm not sure my memories are what you originally wrote  ^^;:

- The living room (I guess) in the dark, dimly lit by the fire. Then the door opens and a silhouette appears. I don't remember what exactly happens to the father at this point but it's really serious. Then or before that, I don't remember, Christina tries to cheer up the main character (I forgot her name). I love the relationship between those two sisters.

- In a tower, the main character is a bit down, cause she's got new responsabilities according to her father's will, then all of a sudden, Christina enters by the open window. She climbed up the tower just to see her. The main character feels happy, cause this event gives her a new hope.

Of course I remember more than those two scenes but I found them really interesting. :nod:

Another thing that I really enjoyed is this couple : a brother and her sis, talking to each other through the computer, and using a nickname so that you can't know who they actually are.
This way the reader knows things that the main character don't, and the reader will try to find who could they be. I think this idea is really awesome! :thumbsup:

In the anime "Durarara!", they use a very similar type of scenes, but in this anime once I knew who the characters behind the nickname actually were, I got really disappointed cause it didn't match the characters' personality and behaviour.

I like reading text in short parts on the internet cause there's no page numbers or bookmark so when I stop reading and do something else, when I get back to reading I don't have a clue what was the last sentence I read. :lol:
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Yeah pretty much. I wouldn't claim it to be particularly original.

I was happy with the relationship between Christina and Lillian. I'm glad it has come across to you too.

Actually, they're cousins rather than brother and sister. If you don't realise who they are I won't spoil it for you. :P
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*would be easier to read
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