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RE: Alistair++ - Otome Game

In case people have been wondering why I've been so quiet for the past couple of months (I doubt it). This is the reason why. I entered a two-month programming challenge with ~sake-bento and =tooaya to program a game. We settled on a dating sim where you play a girl looking to get revenge on a boy that wronged her in an online game.

This is the new extended edition of RE: Alistair with lots of brand new content, redone GUI, new sprites, new CGs, new backgrounds and bug fixes. :nod:

If you want to download the game then you can get it from deviantART or the Lemmasoft Forums.
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I luved Alistair! It was a very good game!
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Glad you enjoyed it. :nod:
why does it says "disconnected from server, exiting game"? what should i do?
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Just click the screen. :nod:
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Loved this, I just spent my entire day unlocking every scene... And I regret nothing.
Thank you to all of you TvT
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YOU!!! You helped make this!!!
Let me tell you-- I just got done playing it. That was so awesome! I kinda expected Rui to end up with Shiro but I liked how it ended! Man, this game was so good! Please make more otome!
<3 it!!!!
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I'm glad you enjoyed it. :nod:
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I hope you plan on helping make another otome game! :)
Quick question; why was there no Shiro ending? I got Travis and Derek, but no matter how much time I spent with Shiro, I didn't get his ending. And how do you get to the picture where Shiro almost kisses Merui? (not the one on the floor, the other where he has his hand on the back of her head)
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Maybe. With different commitments with the other members it is not set in stone. We shall see. :nod:

There is definitely a Shiro ending: [link]
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Thank you very much! I will try to get a Shiro ending again. XD
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This is a super late reply, although I can't help but thank you for programming this game! :D It's AMAZING quality!! I love the soundtrack btw. Is it an OST? I would love to know where I can find the music, if it's not a problem for you. ^.^ And I wonder, are you guys going to be doing more of this kind of work? Anyway thanks for the game, love the whole Extra and Profiles and whatnot, and the bonuses. :D
TheeForsakenOne's avatar
It was no problem. As for the music, I'm pretty sure it's not a OST but you would have to ask Sake about that since she picked all the music for the game.

Sake has been doing some things and I've been working on my own projects. There might be something new from the RE:Alistair team in the future but that depends on how much time we all have. Never say never. :nod:
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Oh, yay! :D Thanks. ^-^ Quite a fast reply haha. I'll definitely Watch you guys, I would love to know about your upcoming projects. :D
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YOU'RE the one who made this? Well, alongside the other two people you mentioned? Holy crap, I assumed this was a professional game that had made its way onto the internet randomly... I'm a huge fan of your game, and Travis is by far my favorite. xD
TheeForsakenOne's avatar
It's far too short for a professional game, but thank you I guess. :giggle: I'm glad you liked it. ^^
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Oh, I also loved this:
Alistair: "Do you need a hint?"
Merui: "Do you need a life?"
Alistair: "Eloquent as always". (x

Sake's dialogues were amazing, but I also loved how everything looked, the music and how it was put together. Great job. *_*
TheeForsakenOne's avatar
Hehe well I just did the coding so most of what you liked had little to do with me. =p

Thank you. :thanks:
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My favorite game ever. I lol'ed when Alistair once said: "Hello, Rui Of The Anger Managament Issues" xD
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+_+ Derek looks evil muahahah, Shiro looks surprised, and Travis has the expression of: "Whut?"
Downloaded this game a few months ago :D Its wonderful, I love how there are so many endings
TheeForsakenOne's avatar
Sake was the one who wrote the story so you should thank her about the endings. I just programmed it. :nod: Thanks, though. :thanks:
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How were you able to program it? @_@ my sister tells me to program a game but I have no idea how someone can put in the pictures, transitions, and everything. :0
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That's a question that can't really be answered in a comment. My recommendation is to go to the ren'py site (Just google it) and look at some tutorials. If that doesn't help go to the forums. There are lots of very experienced programmers there who can help. They helped me get RE: Alistair++ working.
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Did you make this game?
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