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Message me about getting a necklace custom made. (Simple designs like this. Also I'm including shipping because I would gladly pay for it for you.)
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Fan-art or OC(s) you want me to draw for you. 
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Fan-art or OC(s) you want me to draw for you. 
Limited only 1-2 OC(s). An preferably one or two on the fan-art of. Please have a picture/pictures of the said thing you wish to be drawn.
Outlines are more easy to see.
They will cost a little more than a sketch.
You may commission me for a sketch of something. Please have a picture/pictures of the said thing you wish to be drawn.
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Ask and you shall receive. Steal and yee get your head blown off!

Alot of random comments/statements/stories I like to say.

1. Almost everything in this gallery is made by me. Only one drawn collab. A video or more was made with help from one of my ex's. (Yeah I don't know what happened. One days she just said your weird. And quit talking to me.) And the Umbreon head I need a bit of help on. (Pinning fabric. Mom.) Also scarfs I need Mom to end for me. (Can't remember which ones. One of my first few.)

2. My art style is cartoony and flat. That can not be helped other than time and keep practicing. (Trust me. If I could draw differently thing would look different.)

3. I have alot of OCs. And sure I don't draw them alot. And some aren't drawn yet. I still have them. Each has there own personality, style, way of life, sexuality, meaning (Debatable if I will keep that a thing.), families, voice, and probably more. (Tho some of these are undecided on certain ones. Give me a break. If I remember right. I have over 80.)

4. As you may be able to tell. I love alot of stuff. Horror, psychology, mythology, non human things, anime, nature, and alot of other stuff. And I love making fan art of stuff.

5. My gallery is NOT kid friendly. There is gore, bloody stuff, disturbing content, controversial topics, and a tiny bit of sex. Ha ha ha ha. Hey I got to be naughty at times. But yeah most of my drawings may look cute and cuddly. But not all are kid friendly. Also may have hidden things about them that wouldn't be kid friendly. (Some hidden so well I don't even know. And I'm their creator.)

6. I draw what I wish to draw. It's my art. Tho you can commission me to do alot of things. (Just nothing sexual pass clean pervertsion. Along with nothing morally wrong.) If you want a commission please have a picture of them. Or at least decible them in depth. Like what they wear? What they look like? What are they? What are they doing in the picture? You can't just be like to me draw me a giraffe. What is the giraffe doing? What colors? Are they wearing anything? Is there plants about? Do you see what I mean?

7. I have self diagnosed myself with a some mental disorders. Anxiety. Social Anxiety. (Which I think I'm doing better at. Cause I used to freeze up more. Yeah I was very shy a few years ago. Work made me man up on that. And face my fear. Talking to others is scary for me in real life. On the internet it's fine. For some reason not being able to see a face and hear a voice is comforting. It's just text. Strangers scare me alot. Being judged is scary and has happens. But than phone calls are terrifying for me! And then conflict I just can't do it Man. Man I can't do it 98% of the time!) Major Depression. (Which I can hide most days. But still there.) But yeah this caused by two things my need for prefection and my pacifist lifesytle. (Well I try to do it as well as possible. But if someone tries to beat me up I will defend myself. Or play possum. QwQ Tho knowing me I be too weak for such things. Sure I've gotten stronger over the years.)

8. I don't take any drugs other than a few over the counter. (Like Advil and Pepto Bismol. And admittedly I have tried dry wine and alcohol. Both nasty. Like how do people drink this stuff! I'll take pure black coffee over this anyday! And yeah I prefer black coffee to have a bit of sugar.) I prefer herbs. Less side effects. Luckily for me. I'm physically unhealthy in a sense. Like muscle tissue. Every single part of me hurts from work. The parts that hurts most is my back and head. I also have anemia.

9. I am tougher than I look. I have been through alot in my life already. Beaten. (Me and Bro used to fight alot. Now were ok with each other. Mom and Dad used to beat me. But I earn those sometimes....) Abused. (Focused into a religion that is not mine. Which my real one is down below. It always has been that. I have been forcefully prayed on. Focused to go to Church. I rather stay home and do chores. Felt trapped in my room. Because shit has to happen. Hit for miss specking. Which of course I hit them back for miss specking in my meeting at school as pay back. And probably more.) Misunderstood greatly. Experienced death alot. (I think over 12 from family alone.) I've also have experince heart break after heart break. But now I have found someone I think can say. Right now I'm more worried about getting our life together.

10. I hated school and how it's run here. First off. I was thrown in Disable classes for the most part. And you know why? Cause I have Social Anxiety and I am shy of others. I spoke German instead of English. I have horrible spelling skills. (Phonetic speller. Which I'm doing better.) Not good enough at reading for them. (I must learn each word one at a time.) I speck way to fast sometimes. And sometimes too quiet. But most of the time too loud. (I can't control it well. It just happens.) Also I am not stupid like they like to believe. My skills laid in math mostly back than. (Now days art and random facts. And other random shit.) I can read and write in cursive. (Tho a few letters I get stuck on how you do it again moment. Like Q.) I can translate Unknown pretty easily. (Just need a few min.) I know more words than I can spell and read. (Which I had alot of fun blowing there minds last time I had to take that test. And test to see how smart I am. The one they do every few years. Yeah I got average or a bit above average. That was nice. ^w^ ) Also didn't help we couldn't use Google as spell check. Felt like I was annoying my teachers with how often I would ask how to spell stuff. And spell checks at school sucked. Even a dictionary couldn't help me. It was also alot of fun to be the one that sat all alone most of the time. And randomly talk and blow people minds. ^w^ Plus I was faster and more observant than others around me. And I was a loner most of my school life. Plus one on one kind of Dragon. So yeah them trying to teach me in a group didn't work out well. And I actually am doing alot better and learning alot more stuff now that I'm out of school. Like Psychology, German language, more on art, social skills improvement, and more.

11. Most of my art I have is self taught. And yes I had art classes almost every year of school. But if you look at the very back. You will see that I have learned alot since than. Yeah art classes didn't help me. Way too rushed. And never did any digital back than. Other at home a few times.

12. I am a lucid dreamer. And I love tell you guys all the fun adventures I have. (Tho the origins of Midori Doragon feels a bit private and ha ha ha ha....uh personal. Also really messed up and brutal. There alot nicer now. Tho old version of them likes to leak out. And yes Midori Doragon is my persona. We are one in the same and yet two different beings.) Most of my dreams are very dark and weird. And since about March of 2016. I can feel pain. (Which damn that hurts.) And since about April or May of 2016. I can taste food. (Damn you dream logic. I don't want to keep chewing on this meat. It taste terrible and grizzly.) Which dreams for me happen whenever. And sometimes in waves. All my dreams feel as real as life it self. But yet not all are reality like. But most are. (Meaning some are video game style. Don't think I had any drawn ones.) For me I'm happy if I have a dream that isn't filled with gore, blood, murder, and really disturbing stuff. Also dying is scary. (Which luckily for me. The only ones I have died in was instant.) Strangely enough the horror and scary stuff has died down alot. I have powers in my dreams. But I can't say for sure if I can use them everytime. Tho I can probably sense danger. (Which I know it was just a creepy old room. But something felt horribly wrong. Referring to when we were looking for a house. And I was shaking for a good half hour from it just in fear. I know I felt something go through me. Bro's GF felt something go by. But I felt it more strongly.....It was weird and scary. Cause I was all hyped before that. And than that happened out of no where.) The weirdest thing is probably this. Since I've put up this Wiccan sun catcher I've had less nightmires. Like way less. (I like it because it's blackish gray, detailed, and has a badass dragon on it. Also it's made of plastic and metal. Would be cooler if it was stone instead of plastic.) Literally it's rare for me to have any nightmires anymore. Mostly just weird stuff.

13. I have experienced paranormal stuff a few times. Like once during job training in school. I just got done washing an ice scoop. And probably a poltergeist picked it up and than dropped it on the ground. :I I of course told my teacher/job coach. My closet door here used to open on it's own. Hasn't over a year now. Don't know why. And it did it once when Bro's GF was here. (I think she may have scared it. X'D ) Once I hear growling from it twice. No animal I ever heard. (Which I have researched animals like crazy.) So I just stared at it for a good half hour or so. (Which I was laying opposite of what I normally do! ) One which is in 13 already. Played knock knock with a spirit. (Wish I could do it again sometime.)

14. My policy here. (Unless you ask me not to, I feel ignore, and/or page is very rude. I will do the following.) If someone gives me a llama. I thank thee and give you random llama icon. If someone gives me a favorite. I thank thee and give a hug. (Hugs back are welcomed.) Someone watches me. I will thank thee and glomp you. If I find out it's your birthday I'll wish you a good one. And if you want we can talk. I am not good at telling if people are teasing me or just joking. But at the same time I love to joke about. *SIGH!* :I If I see someone upset or in pain. I will try to help them. But if you so help me yell at me/lashes out at me for trying to be nice. Not only will I be confused but hurt alot too. Cause damn man! I'm just trying to help! (Literally this has happened and they block me. Another place I'm talking about. Not here. TTATT Why does my gender matter so much to you? It's not like I'm here to hurt you. You were clearly begging for help. So I came. Whisper this happened on. Which I quit being on. And I could sense there pain. But was of no help because they wouldn't calm down. OA O; )

15. I have a few addictions. Gaming. Anime. Furries. Coffee. Incenses. Music. Art. Eyes. And maybe more.

16. I listen to alot of different kinds of music. Classical music. Techno music. EDM. Anime music. Horror music. Gaming music. Nightcore music. Celtic music. Japanese music. Movies music. Jazzy music. Buddist music. And more.

17.Random facts about me I will list here. These are not in a real order or subject. Just random stuff. 1. I can't run well. I have bad hips. :'I I actually do alot better run like ninja. >:3 (Naruto.) Which BTW is fun. And alot easier for me. 3. I can't dance. Never learned how to. (Tho some days at work I feel like I am dancing.) 4. I can't sing. But doesn't mean I won't. 4. I am a gamer. But not as much as I used too be.

18. Some of my favorite words are these. Sarcasm. Nihilism. Magnificent. Amazing. Epic. Fabulous. Skepticism. Determination.

------♥♥------ Put This

----♥♥-♥♥---- Ribbon

---♥♥---♥♥--- On Your

---♥♥---♥♥--- Page If

---♥♥---♥♥--- You're

----♥♥-♥♥---- Against

-----♥♥♥------ Animal

----♥♥-♥♥---- Abuse.

---♥♥---♥♥----It shows you care.

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:iconblueheartplz:My future husband. :iconbernest::iconpurpleheartplz:

LAST UPDATE ON 1-10-2019.
1. I like to apologize but I've been inactive again as of late. Two or three days of work been hell on busy level. Today it let up. So I need to vent this stuff. So on the first day we had 71 check outs. (I can't remember how many stayovers.) But yeah because one of my friends/coworkers decide to slack off we all got chewed out. And 51 rooms got rolled. (Which some/a few were already clean.) So yesterday we plowed through so many rooms. And possibly the day before too. Me being the slow poke I am I was sent on bed duty. Cause I'm super fast at beds. Seriously I did 29 beds yesterday. With only two having help with. And we weren't getting out until 5:00 P.M. to about 6:30 P.M. We start at 9:00 A.M. everyday but Sunday. (Which we work 5-6 days a week.) So yeah I had no energy to make any art. But yeah I did four rooms today and took care of some trash in stock. (Which on of my rooms had fun with chocolate. : / They had chocolate strawberries. Got stuff on two towels. Got alot of chocolate in the fridge and got the carpet three times.) Which yeah one of my mangers/friends was awestrucken by my rooms that I got done. (I got three out of four done. I get short boards when I get boards because I'm so slow and thorough.) But yeah she said they look picture prefect. Along with saying that these rooms look like rooms you would post on the internet for customers. And said also that *BLANK* was like a dream room. Which yeah be being me I am all bashful about it. And yeah I really don't see what so special about my rooms. Just because I'm just doing my job. And this is how all the rooms should look like. Especially from us that have been here long enough. But I am proud of myself for figuring out a solution to a problem we have. (Figured it out just today.) So sometimes people bring in their own soap. Which is fine. What isn't is it sometimes unintentionally strains our ledges. Simple solution just use Gel Pro. : D (It's a product we use for certain things in the bathroom. Which it says it's for mildew, stains, and possibly more it said. Which I think it's like bleach in a way. Cause the bleach smell.) But yeah with one of my bosses back from maternity leave things feel more at peace. (I love you boss lady! Yeah she is like another mother for me. She's great.) But yeah it looks like I will be staying at this job. I mean hey I hate my job so much at times. But yeah we have good days at times. And yeah the job is really hard. But someone got to do it. Also looks like I may be training people soon. Which honestly I'm scared of such an idea. Cause yeah I have extremely low self confidence. Plus I feel I would come off mean or/and strict cause I have high standards. (Probably caused by me being a Perfectionist that has crippling Anxiety. It's better uncontrolled. But you know.....) And yeah I can teach them how to move without hurt themselves somewhat. Like yes doing it like that is faster. But doing it like this would make thing hurt less. (Like getting down on your knees instead of lending down. Cause yeah that will make your back hurt.) But yeah now that we got two new girls things should be ok. Like work load is lowered. Or will be real soon it seems. 

2. I will hopefully get to work on some art soon. Like later this week. Definitely not on Friday. Friday is suppose to be hella busy at work. But yeah tomorrow going to be so easy. I'm going to be doing my favorite thing at work. (No sarcasm there. I like doing this. Sure I'll bitch about how trashed it is. But I'll do it.) I'm going to be taking care of stocking stuff. And cleaning up that stock room. Which if I have time I will be straightening out two carts. Cause people had to raid and trash them. Which we need them in order for the new girls. But yeah I should have time for art. I got a few ideas I want to draw. And got projects to finish/work on. I still need to sometime straighten out my work space out in the other garage. Figure out where to put some molds I got. Along with just in general getting it in order. I also would like to find sometime to make more jewelry. Along with read this book I have. But I also need to take care of health stuff. So yeah I'm very busy. But I'm here if anyone needs me. (Normally respond within or in about 24 hours.)

3. I will be taking a vacation. Don't know when. But I'm taking my mother fucking vacation when the time comes. Just need to save funds and see what friend says on stuff. She's helping me figure out a cheaper way for me to see my BF. Which yeah we're both dying to see each other. We love each other so much. Which yeah I may just go on my own because I'm sick of waiting.

4. I hope you all have/had a good day. I love you guys. I will see you later. Bye!
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  • Playing: Nothing.
  • Eating: Pocky.
  • Drinking: Pure leaf tea.


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unluckypuppet Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2018  Hobbyist
How are you, M'Lady? :nod:

Well, M'Lord is worried about you for a long time. So M'Lord asked me a favor to know if you're okay now.

(oh, my bad, I'm a friend of Lord Jett *reborn-galaxy*)
TheeDragonNight Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Fuck that dude! His asshole! I hate him! Every time I try to talk calming to him he goes crazy and causes my fucking Anxiety to go through the roof! He contently get mad at me when I'm genuinely happy. Like fuck Man. Do you know how hard that is for me?! I can appear happy as fuck. But I'm not most of the time. I'm in that mode of either sad and not show it. Or in that mode of I don't emote. Seriously I gave him five fucking chances to shape up! And what he do every time fuck me over as soon as we make up! I'm tired of hearing about his foot fetish. I'm tired of hearing about how horrible his life is going. And him not finding one positive thing to say. Like dude I know things gone to fucking shit. But hey it can't be all bad! There has to be something to be happy about! I know very will it's hard to do! Trust me I'm having a hard time in a way. But I still find something to be positive about. I got a full time job. I got a wonderful BF. I got wonderful friends that care about me. And I care about them. Sure I'm down about alot of stuff. Such as I probably have arthritis and it's effecting me bad at work. (So much so I couldn't walk yesterday. I was limping about and I fell twice. And urgent care couldn't help me.) Also yeah I'm still pretty mad at him for that Nazi thing he did at school! (It makes me mad because I hate Racism and I'm part German. But yeah Racism is a serious problem and I wish it would stop. But no matter how much any of us want it too it's harder to be done then we wish.) And yeah I didn't like it that he got all mad at me because I don't feel comfortable calling someone certain names. I save those name for my partner. Now then I can say that others do say those kinds of words to me. Which I feel odd about. But thankful for them thinking of me as a Sweetheart and stuff. Which yeah I am. But I'm also strict as fuck and dark as fuck too. But yeah I'm sorry I got tired of contently hearing how terrible everything is in his life. And not hearing something positive. Along with my Anxiety being shaken up from it. I just couldn't take it anymore. I cared about him yes. But yeah I just couldn't take anymore. He was stressing me out like crazy. And yeah whenever I need a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to he wasn't there. He always twist my words to where his the victim because this shit happened to him. Or this shit happened. I just got so tired of it. Sorry I really hate feeling this way about anyone. But he focused me. And you can probably imagine how big of a hole this has put in my heart. Which I'm still trying to heal from.

And to answer your question if I'm ok or not. I'm somewhat ok. My body is fall apart from me over doing it. I probably strain or pulled about 80% of all my muscles from work. My relationship is going well. I plan to propose in a few years. (Like I've said before. Literally I have rings picked out already. One for the proposal and one for the wedding for him.) I'm leveling up in a way at work. Tho yeah I'm still way slower then everyone else in Housekeeping. I can't do rooms fast enough. I'm very thorough. So much so it slows me down too much. Plus my brain gets overwhelmed on trying to follow every rule and stuff. So I do beds, random tasks around the building, and  laundry a bit. Which yeah my beds are so good they passed inspection. : D I'm making loads of progress on art. Tho my art was slowed for a good while. But now I should be getting back into business like I used to soon. I literally just created a new art style or more refinement of my art style just yesterday. And I'm part way done with that drawing. Just got the horns, earring, scarf, gem, and clothing to color/draw. But yeah it's coming out so lovely. (I love it so much even if it's off putting for me! Cause Angelic OC. But probably look like a monster or demon to some. Like my parents.) I'm making something on and off for one of my bosses future child. My dreams have mellowed out. Like not anywhere near as dark as they used to be. And the last one I recall was interesting. So much so I wish I remembered what I read. (Would have been helpful on art.) Tho yeah a part of me miss the dark stuff. But yeah now it's mellow and weird. *Thinks about the past and get hungry.* (Midori your a bitch you know that? Making me hungry when I can't eat for a good while.) My temper been horrible as of late. Like I will snap like that! And yeah my urge to do drugs have started. But yeah I refuse to. Tho within this year I've tried dry wine and alcohol in root beer. Both terrible. And I'm like why the hell does anyone drink this shit?! And yeah I drunk barely anything of that root beer and I had such a hang over the night morning. Seriously everything hurt so fucking bad. I barely could move. (Yeah both times I was upset about shit. And was trying to kill myself. But hey I'm still here.) So yeah I've learned my lesson. One which I already knew. And that this. Don't do drugs. And keep getting high your normal way. Which for me is glass bottled non alcoholic root beer, incenses, and metal music. Or zen music. Or something else. Depending on my mood. Yeah the smoke takes the edge of for me. The root beer makes me drunk. The music helps me zone out. Tho yeah I can do it without these easily. But it's more fun this way. Oh and I'm making plans for the future at times. Like far in the future. Like when me and my BF have our own place. And for the possibility of having kids. (Which were iffy on that idea. But my hormones won't shut up. And it keeps sounding nice to settle down some. Cause yeah my life is chaos.) Oh and I'm thinking about going to go and take a college course. I've gotten better at my German. Literally yesterday I bashed through about 6 or so lessons almost none stop. Good amount of it I could guess on. And I haven't been doing my lessons as often as I should. I may have to learn sign language soon. Just so I can talk with one of my coworkers better. (She is deaf. But yeah she is doing well so far. I'm just a bit worried for her. Cause yeah customers could become nasty at her just because she can't hear. But yeah so far so good. And yeah I could write what I need to say. But yeah my spelling needs help bad still.) But yeah I've been alright. Just very stressed and in alot of pain from work and life. (Oh trust me 316 a the other day was a living nightmare. They trashed the room. Piss, juice, bacon fat, and other shit on stuff. Trash everywhere. Food everywhere. I was in full on NOPE and FUCK THIS SHIT MODE. Thank goodness for gloves. TTwTT)
unluckypuppet Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2018  Hobbyist
I... O_O... Don't know what to say ^^;
Though I'm glad to know you're doing well, M'Lady ^_^

just one question.... Do you two(rebon-galaxy) know each other in real life?
TheeDragonNight Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry. Just the thought of him pisses me off. Cause yeah he can be such an asshole. Like yeah at times it's my way or the highway mode. Or I will fucking have a melt down and possibly kill myself. Which I don't want him to do that. I want him to get better. Seriously that's all I wanted from the beginning from him. But I also want him to accept that I'm happy with my relationship and stuff. And I would appreciate it if he actual listen to me when I'm seriously upset or down. Instead of making me feel worst.

No we don't. And yeah we've known each other for years. Like two or three. He would call me at ungodly hours. And then we have to talk for a couple hours. And then I get yelled at for being on the phone at this hour. (While also not being anywhere where anyone can really hear us. >.> Better that way. Cause yeah some of our talk is pretty fucked up. Cause yeah we sound like we're high. High on insanity that we are.) And yeah I would have taken him in as my own son if I could afford to. But he decided to fuck that up by getting all mad at me for being happy. I'm happy about being in a serious relationship and stuff. Seriously I'm marring that boy. Unless some seriously fucked bullshit happens I'm marring him. And yeah who knows. One day we may have kids. Tho yeah like we've stated before were iffy on that idea. I think after all the suffering I've been through I deserve to have this much. A real relationship. And real friends who care about each other. Not one sided. Or one sided feeling. And yeah I know what he looks like. He doesn't know what I look like. (I like staying anonymous. Tho yeah I will probably loosen that up over time so to speck.)
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reborn-galaxy Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
are you okay?
TheeDragonNight Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't know Man. (All this is in a random order of stuff.) Hurt about work shit. Hurt about other shit. Feeling stuck in life. But happy to have made progress on minor things. Sadden about losing more plants. Sadden about the death of CAT. Terrified of two coworkers. (They snap at me alot. I'm trying to help them in my own way. And they take offence. Plus yeah now I'm scared of offending them alot. Which I literally made that pretty clear to them today......Seriously I'm so scared of them I can't even pick up a clip board for them without being on the verge of crying. Which literally happened today. Which yeah they didn't snipped at me so badly this time....More of that kind where their just trying to find out what I'm doing. I also hate them to a degree. Just because they don't give a shit about their job and mess stuff up.) Looking forwards to Halloween. Tho not sure what I'll go as this year. Hormones been acting real weird for months now. That weird feeling hormones give you to have kids despite the you don't want them. And know for a fact you can't possibly handle that responsibly. Or at least to yourself you believe that. But hormones are like fuck you! Your having kids one day! DX (Literally it's so bad I brought two dresses for little girls. ;>.> And admirably me and you know who pick out names. Well I get to name them full on if it's a boy. If it's a girl they name them. (Sorry trying not to offend you.)) To make things worst I hate human babies. Well normally I do. Animal babies I love however. So yeah my brain is all scrambled about. Plus yeah I got chores and art stuff to do.
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Have a great Birthday!  :cake: :party:
TheeDragonNight Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
xton96 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2018
happy early birthday i dont know
im honestly pissed so
love ya *cuddles* im busy so sorry
have a nice birthday
TheeDragonNight Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I see. Well if you need to vent I'm here for you. Just going to be doing my nails in a minute here.
Also thank you Man.
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