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Fallout Papercraft :P
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I make Fallout Papercraft as a hobby, and I feel I should share them here, so others can download them as well. I'm a bit of an amateur, as I don't know how to make instructions etc. and I'm trying to find out how I can make the more complicated models easier(decrease the amount of faces.) I like making these, but I am hard pressed for imaination, so if you know somthing from Fallout 3 or New Vegas, just comment, and I'll see whether it's doable.

Thanks for visiting my page,
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So, you want to make a model, please do!
There may be some problems along the way, but I have solutions for (almost) all you should encounter, if you still have a problem, comment here and I will see if I can find out a solution.
1. To make a papercraft out of a model, you need two files, the mesh, and texture.
2. Both these files are contained in the .bsa files in your game directory, problem is, you can't extract them. To work with them, extract them through the Fallout Mod Manager, with the BSA browser tool.
When i did this, i immediately extracted all meshes and textures, to be done with it, though you could just extract the ones you need. All in all, it's about 2GB of harddrive space.
3. now your textures are in .dds format, and your meshes in .nif, problem is, Pepakura can’t handle this.
4. The meshes are a little more work to convert than the textures, so we’ll start with those. First you open your .nif in Nifskope (this is also a great moment to see if the model you’re attempting is even doable). Then you can export it as an .obj file.
5. This step optional, for me, .obj files crash Pepakura, but if they don’t for you, you can use your new .obj file. If it doesn’t work, you can use Wings3D to import your .obj and turn it into a .3ds, which my Pepakura will handle.
6. Your textures should be .JPG, so to convert, I use Paint.NET, a great program, for converting and editing.
7. Now you can use your .obj/.3ds to get your mesh into pepakura, and apply textures using your .jpg
8. The last step is to arrange pieces and gluelines to your preferences, and you’re ready to print and most importantly, upload and share!

Programs needed in process:
1. Fallout Mod Manager
2. Nifskope
3. Wings3D
4. Paint.NET
5. Pepakura

If you have made a model, please show me link so I can see it,
Hello, If anybody is interested in designing their own papercraft, i have uploaded a tutorial from a to z on how to make your own papercraft. i really hope people will try it and, i can't stress this enough, upload and share their creations! i look forward to hopefully seeing new creations! Vincent ps. remember that pretty much any fallout item you create lifesize, is pretty darn epic
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Well, after a while without uploads (school has been keeping me down), today i finally created the files for two more papercraft, one small and easy, one larger and a bit more complex. i'll let you speculate what it is for now. I'd have started the new models today, were it not for the fact that my printer is broken, so that'll take a while. But dread not! as we speak I am prepping a new model for upload, one i made a long timew ago but never had the energy to upload... hope you enjoy it, Vincent
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what now?

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scrap metal's done, what next?
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Thanks a ton on a bun for the :+fav:, I really appreciate it! :love:
Thanks for the fave dude, gotta love ya
do you know of any sites that have the templates for items from fallout?
you mean the 3d files and textures?
Thanks for the fav! :D
Thx for the fav! :)