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Ive decided to create an instagram for WIP's, updates, step by steps, sketches and having another place to put my older work.

Not quite sure how it works, but im sure i'll stop being such and old man and figure out how to get tall pictures to fit in the feed haha

You can find me via 'thedurrrrian' or 'Daniel Kamarudin'... not quite sure how they go about searching for people so there you go

I'll be uploading some old and new stuff, with WIP and step by step shots of older work where i can find it over the next few months till i run out of stuff. Im totally open to suggestions as to what to post there regarding art and whatnot so do leave a comment if you would like to see something specific

See you guys there :D
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Sweet! I'd be curious to see traditional work if there's any :3
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there is! need to dig all that stuff out tho haha
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Not everything is due to one being an old man:) I mean, instagram isn't exactly... good or handy or programmed well:)
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been using it for a few hours. it does have its flaws but i quite like how clean it is when it comes to posting WIP, quick updates and step by step stuff :)
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Perhaps I am just modernophobic then:)
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haha dont worry. i feel the same with music nowadays. i tend to just listen to stuff from the last century, or whatevers in my dads record collection :)
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Yeah, one day you realize you can't keep up with anything spontaneously anymore:)
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Followed. Awaiting some images. ; )
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I haven't use Instagram in a while but I remember having the same problem and that this article helped me somewhat. There might be something new or better out there but like I said, I haven't used it in a long time so I don't know if things have changed. Good luck!
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thanks! yea it seems like a fun place to put the WIP shots so they're gonna be around there from now on :)

also i figured a way around the cropping problem so its all good :)
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Followed! It's always great to see stuff like steps by steps and sketches, looking forward to it! :) 
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thanks! yea i just posted a step by step of some nier fanart i did recently. hopefully its something you guys are looking for :)
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