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I've started an instagram to dump my old work and put up new WIP, step by step and inks so follow me there if you're interested in all that (link below) :D…

As usual im open to suggestions and specific stuff you would like to see there, like maybe video bits of me rendering certain parts of an image, step by steps of certain pieces, and all that so feel free to let me know
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Hey thanks for the heads up. I rarely get on dA nowadays and I will see your work more often on IG.
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Thanks for the info! I'll follow you :) (Smile)  Great artwork! 
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Videos would be great! As well as insights on an artist's life haha. I always get amused when artists post stuff about their daily life because it's cool to see the other side of them that isn't always 100% art lol. Plus, I'm from California so I love to see when artists from other countries post about their food and stuff hehe. Instagram is good for that too!
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Good to know! Yea i will probably my setting up a new office by the end of the year so i may post a gear rundown there when it happens. hopefully people are interested in that :P
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WIP, Step by Step, and short progress videos will be cool to see on your Instagram :la:
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Cool! seems like videos are pretty requested. Im definitely digging through my old work to get some WIP's so those are hopefully useful for you guys :)
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Speedpainting videos would be really cool. One could learn a lot from them.
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thanks for the suggestion! I've yet to try the video thing on Instagram but i'll probably start with how i do my initial sketch before i start a painting (in real time), or a really fast timelapse. Which do you think would be more useful?
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Personally I could watch the whole process in real time ;)
So do one that you're more comfortable with, but out of these two I'd choose a timelapse.
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Yay! I'm so excited it's like Christmas! I get so happy when I see your work! *follows and stalks*
I'd love process pics of your pieces, for sure! Specifically, a process of how you paint faces/armor because they're lovely. I'd love to see how you design characters too! Also sketches are fun! (basically everything...haha.) Anything you post will be great. XD
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Cool! Yea people seem to want videos so i gotta find a way to film myself painting.. maybe have my phone in my mouth? hahaa
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Lol. That might work, just hold really still and don't fog up the camera. haha. A lot of people have recommended OBS to me for recording your screen for speedpaints. I haven't used it yet, so I can't give a review, but you could look into it.
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Yes for videos :D yes for step-by-steps :D Yes for everything !!! :iconmonkeygrinplz:
*stalking mode on*
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