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I've started an instagram to dump my old work and put up new WIP, step by step and inks so follow me there if you're interested in all that (link below) :D…

As usual im open to suggestions and specific stuff you would like to see there, like maybe video bits of me rendering certain parts of an image, step by steps of certain pieces, and all that so feel free to let me know
Ive decided to create an instagram for WIP's, updates, step by steps, sketches and having another place to put my older work.

Not quite sure how it works, but im sure i'll stop being such and old man and figure out how to get tall pictures to fit in the feed haha

You can find me via 'thedurrrrian' or 'Daniel Kamarudin'... not quite sure how they go about searching for people so there you go

I'll be uploading some old and new stuff, with WIP and step by step shots of older work where i can find it over the next few months till i run out of stuff. Im totally open to suggestions as to what to post there regarding art and whatnot so do leave a comment if you would like to see something specific

See you guys there :D
I've updated the print shop with some of my newer works. Unfortunately im gonna play it safe and not put the Avengers up for sale again so i apologize for that

Anyway, here's the link to the store:…

Enjoy :D
So yea, as promised i set up shop on Redbubble :D

Here's the link to the shop…

Well, i wasnt aware that DA didnt look too kindly on fanart prints so im gonna have to find somewhere else to set up shop.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know and i will check it out

So yea, sorry about that. I'll try to find a better print service
So my avengers pieces are up for print rite now on DA. Let me know if you want anything else for print (my horsemen perhaps) I will see what i can do about it

Anyway, here they are. Spread the word and enjoy Enjoy :D

Quicksilver the Wraithbrand by theDURRRRIAN   Hulk the bloodied titan by theDURRRRIAN   Scarlet Witch by theDURRRRIAN   The Vision, Knowledge incarnate by theDURRRRIAN   Hawkeye by theDURRRRIAN   Black Widow by theDURRRRIAN   Ultron the stringless by theDURRRRIAN   Captain New World by theDURRRRIAN   Almighty Thor by theDURRRRIAN   Iron Man, The sorcerer of snark by theDURRRRIAN
Here's some nice useful things to check out (if you havent already) that i like to look at to improve or just watch for inspiration
FYI i learn more from watching things so most of these are gonna be video tutorials, artists talking while painting and timelapse paintings, since i prefer analyzing peoples workflow and try it out than straight tutorials that tell you what to do (not there's anything wrong with it though :P)

omg.... the amount of stuff you can learn from these amazing artists is crazy! i suggest watching from session 1 till the latest. you cant miss a thing these guys say, plus these guys are pretty fun most of the time. its a nice light, but informative bunch of videos

Marc Brunet is a great teacher! i really enjoy how he explains things and just his process in general. really good to listen to and pretty entertaining to watch

super good to watch and i do learn a lot from these videos. plus the more recent videos are real time so its pretty cool watching him work at 1:1 speed

this channel.... wow... i really love the fundamentals i've learned from his videos, plus its presented quite upbeat and professionally. mostly figure stuff so i do value it alot since i do mostly character stuff

amongst the promotional material is some pretty nice tutorials. if i remember their older stuff is silent and just an artist painting so it was pretty easy to follow the artist doing his thing

speedpaint vids and a tutorial from one of my favorite artist. i use it mainly as inspiration, cuz this dudes speed is INSANE! aspire to awesome guys, watch his stuff!

i like to listen to this guy talk :D and the painting just adds to his awesomeness. noah is really a painter first so watching his workflow feels very traditional and its really refreshing to see him do what he does from start to finish with minimal help from the program.

there are too many to link. hell, i have too many i've bought and havent watched yet! they are super cheap and INCREDIBLY useful (for me at least)... damn, its like steam sale for art people!

wow... this channel has everything. dont believe me? go there! it has so much stuff!! i like the channel for the amount of stuff he posts and how thorough he goes over the topics. GO NOW!!

yea thats more or less it. i know there are much more out there and a bunch of topics that i've missed out so if there are any more feel free to add them in the comments and i'll mention them here :)
so yea, im gonna be selling 5 prints with the gundam people :)

these babies will be the main attraction... cuz i cant simply sell what i want in a gundam shop XD

Nu Gundam - Amuro! Stop breaking the suits!!! by theDURRRRIAN   Sazabi - Dammit Char! where did his arms go?!? by theDURRRRIAN   Gundam Exia, exterminate the target's wallet by theDURRRRIAN


Kill la Kill - Matoi by theDURRRRIAN   Kill la Kill - Kiryuin by theDURRRRIAN

come over and say hi! i'll be the dude with a horse mask surrounded by gundams :D
so yea, if you're in malaysia during august 9-10 come over to sunway and stop by :D

I'll be with some buddies at a Gundam booth, so i will be selling some gundam based prints.... among other things. i might sell some other works so please let me know what you guys would like printed

let me know what you would wanna see printed or what you wanna buy if sell my stuff there (idk.... if people want the kill la kill stuff its totally gonna appear :D)
so production for my school's short film thing is starting to pick up this month so i may or may not be posting as often as i should. im still doing the one a week thing as promised before so this page isnt gonna be collecting dust for long stretches of time :)

im gonna do more of those character sheets and exercise my design sense, and of course, illustrations cuz bloody hell my values and perspective need work!

anyway, i AM available for small commissions so email me or note me if you want something done

so yea.... that me for now :D
so lets try this...... im open for commission for a few weeks just to keep my hands busy :D

you can either email me (address below) what you want or note me... i prefer email simply because its easier to manage.

i will generally agree on works similar to my gallery and i wont want to do anything too highly detailed....... because i still have school going on and failing 3 months before graduation isnt something im gonna be doing :P

i will only discuss my price when you email/message me what you want

i would prefer Malaysian clients because im a little scarce on cash at the moment, so immediate payments do help. 


lets see if this actually works :D
well like the title says.... i got 3 months left before grown up duties consume me. 

its my last semester so i will TRY to finish whatever school work i can ASAP so i can get to doing more paintings and my own thing.... cuz i have been pretty inconsistent as of the last 6 months XD i DO wanna get more stuff to you guys so im gonna make an effort to get AT LEAST one painting off a week...... yes i wrote it down so u can totally hold me to it :P

and at the same time im gonna do my best to get a decent job, so build portfolio, get my stuff out there and hope for the best :)

so yea, its been a while since i updated this thing so expect this to be up for a while

if u have tumblr, my work's there too:

lets see if i can make it through this :D
just an update journal...

there are two more videos up (link below) and if you guys don't know already, i post up WIP's and sketches on my tumblr (link below)



anyway, im almost at the end of my semester break so i may not post as much as i used to once it starts and i do not post up my 3d work :P
like it says, i decided to make a tumblr. here i will post the finished stuff as well as some of the more rough things as well as WIP's and process pics.

so far there are only so few posts, just to see how this goes. i'll probably invest in a more presentable theme before i get to mass posting work

so yeah......... follow :D

thedurrrrian. tumblr. Com
yeah, just a journal update to let you guys know im still alive :P

i dont update my DA as much as i used to because of my new semester's workload so please forgive me for that :P

i will be available for commissions during mid april so contact me THROUGH EMAIL if you want anything done :D

i've recently been considering making a tumblr where i can post more WIP stuff, how i do things and maybe things from my sketchbook as well as my more finished pieces. so far i've asked my friends and there have been some mixed answers. so depending on the reaction from this journal post will determine whether or not i make one or not

so what do you guys think?
i thought i'd share some stuff that helped me draw better, aside from art school :P

- IDRAWGIRLS (a lot of value and fundamental stuff here):…

- FZDSCHOOL (awesome stuff here):…

- DAARKEN (does a lot of his stuff in real-time so its really easy to follow):

- ART STUDENT OWL (i dont know, this made me laugh at myself so i thought id share this too :P):

well i hope that helps. feel free to throw in your own suggestions if you have any :D
:iconimhappyraveplz: HOOOOOLY HELL! my first DD!! :iconimhappyraveplz:

THIS IS UNREAL!! i want to thank all of you for your support! i am truly grateful for this and i honestly can't thank all of you enough!

if i could reach through my screen and hug all of you i would :iconohseriousmplz:

i'll continue to do what i do and hopefully y'all will like it :D

(sorry for the big emotes)
all this attention is overwhelming! my head is spinning and i think i need a break! :P

nah, im actually on some projects right now so not much personal work would be released

but seriously though, thanks all for liking my work. its been an awesome couple of days and i hope i can make more for you all :D
so me and my housemate thought it would be a good idea to paint/draw the avengers in a fantasy setting. seems kinda the right thing to do when we're bored in class :P

this is the first 'series' paintings and collab works im doing and if all (hopefully) goes well, i may do more series based things (probably something to do with tobuscus :boogie:)

so there will be more work coming along, granted it might take a bit of time (damn assignments :P) but its coming anyways :D
i love it.

well thats all... :iconohseriousmplz: