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Oh and i've enabled the download for a wallpaper sized version.... if any of u are interested in starting at my scribbles everyday :P
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Thanks, I'm looking for good Luna artworks. This is definitely one of them :)
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wow! awesome Luna
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Proof that you're not a one trick pony ;)
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You could probably get this to be sold as a Loading Screen in-game if you talk to someone or submit it in the Steam Workshop.
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if i make enough dota things i will definitely look into expanding into the steam store. I've also been talking with my 3d buddies regarding making sets so who knows :P
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I'd go for it if you have the time and/or need a new project. I'm sure you get a cut of any profits, and it's a way to get your work out there.

Plus I'd totally buy this
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i appreciate the support man :) i'll do my research and see if its worth the time investment
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May fortune favor you!
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I am not very familiar with DOTA :D but i've played it once and guess which champion(Hero?) caught my attention :D
I love your art style :) keep up the good work :)
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golden immortal GG :D
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This is great! Contrast in light and such detail! 
very nice contrast of lights :)
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This is really nice looking.    I like the detail and coloring job.
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Holy shit! this is fantastic!!
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This looks incredible
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amazing piece of work 
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willing to take commisions?
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Wow!! This is great :D
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