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Warframe - Space dragon

chroma representing the red veil in all their edgy glory

Like every week, redesigned the frame a little. this time representing some sort of snowy mountain oni

Anyway, kevin's posted his Valkyr up so make sure to give him some love too :D
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I really wish you could control the pelt normally and use a mod of some kind to just let it fly
now that is what chroma should have look like
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BADASS! I wish we could have a skin like this.
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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
TravelingLycan's avatar
I'm speechless... just wow awesome work!
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Follow-up note. 
Anythingguy's avatar
Fucking awesome design and coulour pattern! :')
LazyRidim's avatar
I Want To Hang This In My Ships Liset So Badd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent Work Keep It Coming   
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Very nice!! still waiting for something like dual nikanas and that helm is gorgeous!!
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Business-wise, please reply to my inbox note. 
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He looks menacing! Cool stuff! :D
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Chroma's the Bawss
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Just imagine if Diablo had swords like that. 
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Awesome work! I really love how loose and free it feels. Colors are awesome too. Thanks for sharing!
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I don't know what this is, but it's awesome.
Code-Sapient's avatar
Wicked Dragonkin :dragonfire:
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A+ would buy on tennogen
TacTheScribbler's avatar
And here I thought dragons couldn't get any better! But now they're space dragons! ^_^
Brutus-the-Destroyer's avatar
red veil is decked out
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