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Warframe - Space Ying Yang

Since kevins putting out his equinox, then so will i :D

Had more fun with this one than i thought i would so here's hoping the next few bring me the same level of enjoyment
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holy shit amazin 
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Equinox is my favorite and this is a wondrous drawing.
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serious slash bussiness right there
TheOneTheOnlyAlastar's avatar
Wow, actually makes Equinox look cool.
My favorite warframe! I love your work! Keep at it!
Antony-TJ93's avatar
stunning space kamen rider xD
MorSanguinaArts's avatar
I absolutely love all your artwork. For an aspiring artist like me your work is a real inspiration
WolfShield819's avatar
When you draw/make art, do you picture in your head what you want it to look like beforehand? Does it always look like that when it is finished?
theDURRRRIAN's avatar
i have a vague direction i try to follow as close as possible, then at some point wing it and see what happens. the paintings come out more interesting that way
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This has a sort of texture to it that I think is really beautiful. Great job!
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Unusual artwork, I really like your drawing style. You are a very talented artist. Keep doing what you are doing!

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DURRRiAN and Kevin Glint the dream!
a m a z i n g
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Aklex Prime, a man can dream :'(
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Asolutely epic, nice work!
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Awww yee, Equinox. The most pseuodo Stealth, pseudo DPS frame there is.
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Treasures-Of-Wisdom's avatar
That is really well done!
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YAAASSS!!! The spotlight is adding to the twilightness, this character has!
Amazing :D !!
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omg i just started playing warframe this week, and this is my favored warframe! the excitement XD she is so great! love her powers and how she looks.. your version is just magnificent and glad to read you had fun with it :)
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I really like playing as Equinox.
Even tho her skills are a bit lackluster xD
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Try Peaceful Provocation augment while pushing at least +100% power strength, high efficiency, and as much range as you can afford. I did this with Streamline + Transient + Fleeting + Stretch + Intensify + Power/Range Drifts, and Vitality as the only tank mod.

80% slow and at least 75% damage reduction debuff to nearby enemies. Trinity is capped at 75% damage reduction and can hit it with less power strength, but Equinox with more than 100% strength can get past that.

And then just stand there watching enemies try to shoot you.
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