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Warframe - One Punch Space Man

its time for me and kevin to get back on the space ninja circuit :D

Getting one done (hopefully) every week till we run out
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Top Ten Boss Battles

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Whoa...I found this on Pinterest. Thank you for sharing :)
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What is warframe
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is the name of this frame if you didnt know
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I know wht the game is about
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Bro I would sell my house to be able to pay you for a piece including all warframes so I could get it tattoed on my back.
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This particular piece to me reminds me of Wayne Barlowe, quite specifically his renderings and paintings of the Dukes and Archdukes of Hell...
... And by saying that, I'm trying to offer you genuinely 
!!!! I LOVE THIS !!!! 

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thanks! im a huge fan of Barlowe's work! Actually one of the main inspirations for my personal project
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Cast into the IRIS
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I never get tired of your Warframe artwork. It always has this sense of epic to it. XD I need to start playing that game again.
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yea its pretty good nowadays. bunch of new shiny stuff to collect
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Oooh, well then when I have a reliable source of Internet, I'll jump online. ^_^
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Damn! If only Atlas looked this bad-ass in game. Well done!
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WOW!Wow!  Well done sir! This really conveys how towering Atlas really is. I especially like his helmet!:D (Big Grin) 
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IT SURE IS! Some artistic liberties... I am all down with that.
Now let the Durrian/Kevin artwall be built! :D
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that would be a good alternative helm for atlas, gorgeous work as always!!
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Sick TR-8R (FN-2199) Sick Spin Icon TR-8R (FN-2199) Sick Spin Icon TR-8R (FN-2199) Sick Spin Icon !!!
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Wow. I wish this look was in the actual game.
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