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Warframe - Crack shots in space

Well this is gonna be the last warframe post in a while. my schedules a little packed for the next few months, but rest assured, more space ninjas will be coming :D

In the meantime i hope you enjoy this red veil ivara pew pewing grineer

If you havent already check out Kevins mirage :D
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Might I ask how you learned how to paint flames and other effects?
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what's your game ID 
Now that is beautiful! Amazing job!
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Draw Valkyr pls
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huge fan of warframe and this looks fantastic! great job!
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!!!! I LOVE THIS !!!!

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<3 Ivara has never been any cooler than this
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This piece is awesome! I love the posture of the work.
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Lol Artemis' mushroom caps =p
Wow, that's awesome!
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That frame took me forever to get =O
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it is stunning<3  Now even I want to play Warframe
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Cooooooooollllll! :D
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your art was showcased on the latest prime time and just as i saw it.. i rushed to look for the source.
This is amazing
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Is that MGS red mechanical arm inspired? Cuz it is BADASS :D
theDURRRRIAN's avatar
nope. its inspired by emile from halo. red shoulder, red armguard
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I wish there was a real chance to properly use sniper rifles in game, still a great art bro!! you should do trinity deluxe next.
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