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Unicorn - Steps

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decided to do a rough step by step of how i painted the unicorn. i glanced over the technicalities since they mite take too long to explain in text so if anything needs explaining i think i can type it out to whoever asks :P

and no there isnt any video of this since my current pc cant handle camtasia with a painting of this resolutionat the same time

feel free to download the high res if you cant read the text

hope you find this (somewhat) helpful :)
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is this purely computer generated or do u also do stuff by hand? and what program do u use cause i wanna play around with stuff like this; computer art?

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PaintedlandProfessional Traditional Artist
I'll have to try this with my Gundam toys!!! Looks like a lot of fun! Great Stuff.
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YuuyatailsHobbyist General Artist
Whoa, it is very impressive for the hybrid painting technique.

I will try this one since I have some gunplas. (except I have to use my smartphone's camera since I don't have any DSLR or mirrorless camera)
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ah well for the sazabi and the nu gundam i used a samsung's phone camera as a photoplate. As long as you have a clear picture, all it takes is some cleanup and you're ready to start painting :)
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a35744Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very impresssive :D
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DaedalicDesignHobbyist General Artist
Epic work. I had never thought of starting from a physical action figure to created a digital painting...makes SO much sense. Thank you for sharing your process.
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Leonidas666Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for this. It is really helpful.
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birdmanstudioProfessional Digital Artist
Cool. Looking at the final it's hard to believe it began as a picture of the toy.
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Looks interesting... And result is beautiful! 
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Dal-BoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Durrrrrrian.... you... are a WIZARD!
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madhousexxStudent Digital Artist
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MasterVuleHobbyist Digital Artist
wwow!! Looks so epic!! :D :D
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Asura-ShudoStudent General Artist
Wow thats really cool how you use your Unicorn figure to create that! that's so amazing :D
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thanks :) ive gotta get my moneys worth from this expensive hobby of mine :p
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s-vivHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol you make this looks so easy..I can never figure these programs out.
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Photoshop is just a tool. 80-90% of the time it comes down to how much you know about light/color/form/etc

and here im only using a handful of photoshoppy techniques. the rest of it is just plain painting :)
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s-vivHobbyist Traditional Artist
I know! I always get frustrated figuring it does a lot of cool things. I should watch some YouTube vids.
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Wynterhawke07Hobbyist Writer
Wow... how long does it take you?
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like 5-7 hours i think. im pretty indecisive when i dont really know what to do with the picture XD
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Wynterhawke07Hobbyist Writer
It's way better than anything I could do in 5-7 hours in Photoshop.
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