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Ultron the stringless



well he makes such a big deal about it so mite aswell add it to his name XD

so i decided to go for the movie's look where he has an organic face (as opposed to the fanged iron man mask) and instead of being an alphonse (reanimated suit for those of you who havent watched FMA) he's a reanimated corpse/ ecorche thing that tony probably zapped back to life by accident.... or whatever..... yea :P

I have also mentally prepared myself for the "OMG it looks like a titan omggggg" comments.
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Inspired to try to replicate encasing Jarvis's soul in the seance ball, Ultron begins as an advanced spirit cluster summoned upon by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, made with the intention of controlling Stark's Animated Soldier Legion in order to more effectively protect the realm.The spirit cluster takes control of the potions and spell books and puts together a body made up of the best parts of all of the re animated (the skull and brain of medusa, the ribs and arm bone of the minotaur, and the hollowed skinned remains of the orc king) held together with spells of strength, speed, flight, stamina, durability the darkest art of them all, the dreaded hybred of fire and lightning that stark had to purify to even attempt to us (before mastering it's use) called Flóga Vrontí, or the thunder flame.