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The Vision, Knowledge incarnate

Well calling him smart robot superman wasnt exactly gonna fly so there ya go XD

I admit i dont know much about the character but he seems pretty fun.

So yea, we're nearing the more 'loved' characters which means i need to get them done ASAP XDDD

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After using dark alchemy to create a new powerful indestructible and immortal body, let alone fusing the literal power of a god to it, the price was too great, Ultron becomes confused, agitated and weak.After only transferring only the purest and smartest and most skilled/useful souls to the body, the avengers had "confiscated" it, for it was decreed by the Vengeful Council of New World or Avengers for short.Jarvis was fused to the body as a gift for sacrificing his life for Tony's all those moons ago.The Hero Vision was born and with his superior strength, speed, stamina, flight stability and more powerful spells quickly overpowered and destroyed Ultron, or so we think.

ooooh, i LIKE this...
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Wow I like the drawing! <3 please make more like these avengers drawings! <3
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OMG. . hey man do use cintiq?
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nope. using an old intuos4
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Vision is more of a "robot Martian Manhunter" than a "robot Superman".
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Especially with his density shifting
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Well, least he had the vision to start with a new character... lol

*shows self out*
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I love your style it's so realistic yet shows fantasy too! I love vision he was my favorite in the Avengers Super Nintendo game, second one was Captain America heh.
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great work I'll have to look at yor albums when I have more time 
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He's a Creation of Ultron that rebelled and I think it looks awesome. My mind has been building a world from all these awesome drawings. Because of Captain americas sheild I imagine it being in the year like 100,000-150,000 where civilization has since collapsed and rebuilt itself several times over with several world ending situations and history is now repeating itself though ever so slightly different. With Captain americas shield being the last remnant/ physical connection to the old world. I like the concept of a Long since Post Apocalyptic Fantasy. And having the four horsemen reminds me of X-mens apocalypse four horsemen and your artwork are their incarnation of them.
Armor-Clad Phantom would have worked to
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haha... if only :)
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wooooah your vision so bad asss , i love the design 
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Dude the metal plating looks straight up amazing👌
Man, i do hope he's wearing a mask.
that would be simply awesome.
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yup. in the comic hes a robot so i figured he would be a reanimated armored suit in a fantasy setting :P
Is his arm changing into a weapon?
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nah, its that blue glowy thing the vision does in the comic. not too sure what it is tho :P
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