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The Knight with no name

i know its not exactly a pally like i mentioned before but the urge to draw clint was too much XD

i think i'll get a pally cowboy done for the next painting.... if not then maybe a barber or something... idk. at this point im just winging it :P
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I absolutely LOVE this image. I'm involved with helping set up a new one day D&D convention in Vancouver, BC, and we're looking at doing a naming contest for "The Convention with No Name." I'd love to use this image in conjunction with doing that, and I was wondering what you'd charge to license the image for that promotional purpose? We'd simply use your image, and add some text to it.

Get back to me at ReiveDoig (at) gmail dot com

Thank you.

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"The knight in black fled across the desert, and the champion followed."
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So... Angel Eyes is a knight, the Bad is another (but evil) knight and Tuco a man-at-arms?
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Awesome!  :D  Totally using this as inspiration for a character I'm playing in a Post-Apocalyptic near future D&D campaign where magic has made a comeback.  Eldritch Knight cowboy that wields a bastard sword, called Colt 45 (the sword is 45" long).  He also has empty holsters at his hips that he draws his hands out like pistols and fires firebolts (the cantrip in 5e) out of like how you made "guns" out of your hands as a kid :P  BANG BANG!... now to try to find a mini to paint for this PC...
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"The knights Rojo on one side of town, house Baxter on the other, and me right in the middle."

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This probably the most badass thing I will ever see in my life.  
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A little Dark Tower, a little Clint Eastwood, and a whole lotta awesome.
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I clicked on this because the thumbnail made me think of The Dark Tower by Stephen King.
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It Awesome good job
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The face looks like Clint Eastwood
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This makes me think of Roland from the Stephen King's The Dark Tower.  Brilliant.
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Roland of Gilead :O :O :D
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So. Fucking. EPIC!!!

(Clint Eastwood is awesome!)
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Very interesting take on the character. 
When a man with a sword meets a man with a dagger.. the man with the dagger is a dead man!
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This is literally Clint Eastwood and Sir Lancelot and I love it.
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Clint Eastwood just got more badass
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Fucking awesome
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this is just superb! The good, the bad, and the sweet sword of the knight with no name :D
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