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The Avengers - Thor

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seventh in the series :D

hope you like it :D

inspired by Kekai Kotaki :D
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Next time that I play Pathfinder, I'm making a character based on this image. Simply amazing sir!
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Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?
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Just thought I should give you ahead's up that there's an "artist" on Society6 (who seems to only sell stolen images) selling this.…
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Might have a hard time sitting down with those blades hanging from his crotch.
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I hope it becomes true in a form of movie or something ..... its just EPIC!
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Damn...some really good stuff her to watch...nice gallery
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This is amazing!
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Oh wow. this series is incredible! love your style and that armor is awesome. your work inspires me!
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Nice! I love the armor!  <3
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Its hard to depict the baddassness of a Norse God, let alone Thor, but Id say you captured it quite so.
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to think that he is from norse mythologi makes me proud to be a Norwegian man B-)
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When looking at the avengers, i thought to myself, "how could Thor possibly get more bad~ss?" 

Then this happened...

That is just amazing. AMAZING
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aaawwww thor *_*
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I'm glad you  kept his helmet. They couldn't figure a way to have it actually stay on his head and look good in the movies so they just scrapped it altogether. I think it completes his look.
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Wicked! *w* one thing though- his hand. I thought at first it was blasted off or something, *cowers in a corner* don'tkillme
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awesome by odin absolutely awesome
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i came here because i saw you on this site! i love your work!
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Not sure if you know or not, but dropping you a line in case.


They did the rest of the series, as well.
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