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The Avengers - Iron Man

the last one in the series :D

hope you like it :D

inspired by Kekai Kotaki :D
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Wow! nice work! You got a really nice "arcane warrior" feeling going with this.. :D

Gotta say it though, this reminds me of Balthasar Gelt from Warhammer.. ;)
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Mark 48: Asgardian Armor
zBruhh's avatar
How the fuck did you go from a robot douche bag from an awesome skull man? 
This needs to be a thing. Make it happen, Marvel!
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Woah, it is awesome! Some sort of medieval view of the Avengers? What I love most is the stance, along with the baroque armour.

Nice, man!
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Iron man malzahar skin ftw!! :D voidlings could be robot parts or something like that, very nice work!
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Holy... that's awesome!
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The perfect mix of magic and technology.
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Isn't this picture old? I've seen it before...
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I thought that it's something like combo of Thor and Iron Man, before I've clicked on it :D Despite that it's not, I really like it! Just marvelous artwork :)
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Damn - that look is just medieval badassery
Pilgrim3's avatar
Mystic Iron Man?
ijustloveit619's avatar
I fooled myself into thinking this was Papyrus from Undertale >_>
ShepherdoftheWest's avatar
Love it! Love It! LOVE IT!!!
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This is possibly one of the most badass things I've ever seen!
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Medival-ish version, nice. So full on water color or r there other elements to it?
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This is really cool. Good job!
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