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The Avengers - Hawkeye

the team's sniper :P

4th in my avenger series; hope you like it :D

inspired by Kekai Kotaki :D
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Interesting take on Hawkeye.

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Too awesome for words.
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That's just gorgeous. I saw this image on a Two Steps from Hell video and I've loved it ever since. 
Hey, I looove this image. My name on internet is "FletxaOscura" which means "Dark arrow" And I was wondering if I could use this images as my profile pic on twitch or twitter. Obviously giving credit to you. It took me a lot of time to find where this is from, lot's of pages have it without any name.
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 thought i was eather a warframe or a Protoss from starcraft
same on the warframe. i thought it was ivara
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I would have though it was other exal or possibly one of the rhino skins.
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so badass!!! :D
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You are the owner, Thank you for your picture!
Do you sell these as posters? I adore your work!
theDURRRRIAN's avatar
thanks! And unfortunately no. The posters on sale were taken down by marvel about a year ago
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I have done so many drawings based from this. Glad i found the person who made it.
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The quality of the picture is very good, and it is overall a very nice piece of art. But, as always, I have one criticism: his archery technique. The hand he's holding the bow with is flipped around the wrong way. It looks rather uncomfortable to be pulling a bow with his hand in that position. Now, his other arm is moderately in the correct position, except for the fact that his elbow is bent up too high. It's a common mistake in archery that I, myself, make at times. I'm not going to go in depth on how ridiculous and impractical the bow looks, it's a fantasy weapon, that can't be helped. It looks cool, though. Another thing, the limbs of the bow don't look like they're bending. I understand that he isn't even at full draw, but the limbs, even there, would bend a bit. Now, enough of my ranting. It's a good picture, keep up the good work.
Hey I was wondering if I could use this design for a game of mine, please
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I hope it becomes true in a form of movie or something ..... its just EPIC!
I bet Katniss is jealous of the bow and arrow
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The most epic Hawkeye ever
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wow, he looks fearsome here!
theDURRRRIAN's avatar
nah its fine dude
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This is very stylish!!!!
Very good color pallete!!!!

Yeap! This is some epic job....indeed
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hey, you've made Hawkeye look cool!!!!
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