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The Avengers - Captain America

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i present to you the Captain :D

the second of (possibly a very large) series of paintings. hope you like it :D

inspired by Kekai Kotaki :D
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Is he supposed to be a robot or a kight? ?
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Is this some sort of parallel universe where everyone is god level?
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Is he supposed to be a Paladin?
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nah. more like a commander
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Paladin. A mystical knight.
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yes im aware of what a paladin is
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Okay. Didn't mean to insult your knowledge.
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nah didnt take it that way. just clarifying i knew :)
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I am thee Marshal of these land dubbed the America's and all who dare try to corrupt or destroy it shall met swift justice!
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hell or all of them, these are amazing looking
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can you make a 3440X1440 with Cap and Iron man ?
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Did you give the app Clash of Gods permission to use your work in their ads? Because they are. I mean it's cool but not fair if you're not getting credit or compensation.
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yea im aware of this. i did not give them permission but it seems they're ignoring me.. Meh, looks like a crap game anyway
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This is just beautiful, along with the rest of them that you've created. Well done! These are fantastic pieces of art!
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please draw this captain america from front ... i wanna cosplay this :(
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Its like he gets on here, messes around with some affects and brushes, then boom, starts creating amazing things. Pretty awesome. (however I think it still takes a long time to make this stuff)
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I hope it becomes true in a form of movie or something ..... its just EPIC!
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With that armor and shield and stuff, the only thing missing is a broadsword and an impending dragon...well, hydra (Hydra, curtosy of Red Skull...know what I mean?)
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haha this is the old version dude. the new ones coming in a few days XD
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more like knight america
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