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The Avengers - Black Widow

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took a less 'sexed-up' approach so hopefully it works out :P

5th in the series, hope you like it :D

inspired by Kekai Kotaki :D
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I hope it becomes true in a form of movie or something ..... its just EPIC!
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Seductively gorgeous! ^_^
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Reminds me stylistics from Disciples series
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Love the new look - beautiful!
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Not my favorite piece of the series, but she gets a fave nonetheless for being a dagger-wielding Rogue! (I have a weak spot for dagger-wielding (back)stabbers.)
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She definitely looks like the rogue on the team. :D
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Now I really want to cosplay your version :D
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She looks like a Demon Hunter... ♥
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A little bit of Blood Rayne in this huh?
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This is incredible. Love it
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Avengers meets Game of Thrones! I want someone to fanfic this shit now!
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I love all the Avengers pic you did. AWESOME!!
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On the one hand, I like the concept. It's badass and awesome. On the other hand, your body proportions are ... a bit hideous. Her breasts look like they're on a completely different, skewed plane from her face, and her torso looks twice as long as it should be. That doesn't help with the positioning of her hips, which are yanked back a bit too far, and come right as her knees should start. She kinda looks like a deformed three-legged centaur. I mean, if you did it on purpose, cool, but it doesn't look it.
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yeah im still a student and just learned anatomy so i still got plenty to learn :(

anyway, thanks for the comment. i'll definitely be working on this and i'll try to do better on my next pieces
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agree with Book I do.
But Still Badass! I like the rouge look over "too sexy", she is a killer and it shows here.
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dude loving the colors!
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man, now that is an assassin I want on my team, no doubt! yet another epic pic!
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I think I like this better than the movie costume! Great work!
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hello Lady Sylvanas (WoW)
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