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The Avengers

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so the avenger series is finally over, and i can get on to doing more things :D i had a lot of fun with these and look forward to my next planned series (tobuscus anyone? :P)

all characters are owned by Marvel

its a wallpaper so hit download for the 1080 version :D

here are all of them separated

iron man: [link]

thor: [link]

nick fury: [link]

black widow: [link]

hawkeye: [link]

loki: [link]

captain America: [link]

hulk: [link]

hope you like them :D

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So... Dungeons and Dragons meets Avengers?
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Who's here after the Endgame!?🤘😀
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could you like not fucking flex your ponzi scheme on a good fucking piece of art
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Can I use it as my video cover?
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The Avengers Fantasy edition :)
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Quite impressed by the style you've adapted , it somewhat reminds me of Guild wars 2 art. Loving it !!!
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alfonsopina887Student General Artist
love it
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adambomb98Student Digital Artist
Hey guys im looking for some advice and feedback on my awesome new weekly webcomic

Hunted : a western tale


Hunted is a Greek Western centered on a boy and his Monsterous pet troll as they are Hunted through a perilous world by a fallen Hero .

I am currently on issue 3 and i would really appreciate if you could take a look and leave some feedback
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The medieval avengers
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Awesome. Looks it could be it's own universe. Job Well done.
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gohan6468Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very very good
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ExpansionCriticHobbyist Writer
Hulk now understand the horrors of existence both real and perceived...
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pixgHobbyist Digital Artist
intersting take on thier look.
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adambomb98Student Digital Artist
If you like out of this world indie comics. Check out my new comic Hunted : A Western tale adambomb98.deviantart.com/art/…

Hunted is a greek western centered around a boy and his monsterous pet troll being hunted down through a wonderous world by a fallen hero .
The entire first issue is on my page . please leave feedback and let me know if i should make another
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I love this artwork!Great job!!
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I remember this, the Avengers being medieval warriors. 
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SajdartecreativoStudent General Artist
great job
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WicoCatProfessional Digital Artist
Nice work. Love it!
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DaRealNicole Digital Artist
I love how you drew them on another way!
Even if you drew them as normal, it would be still as good.

But now?
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