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Sky Pirates Arrr-mada

get it..... ARRMADA!! well im still bad at names so here's one more pun: Why don’t you ever see a pirate cry? When they do, it’s a private tear! get it... PRIVATE TEAR!??!

anyway this was done for a class assignment as part of a set of paintings that are in the process of being animated, so stay tuned for that :D there will be more coming out from the aforementioned set after i apply some finishing to them

hope you like it :D and im AM NOT sorry for the pun :P
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patarok's avatar
wow... amazing pic. are you involved in creating some game or such?
theDURRRRIAN's avatar
nah these are for a personal project i had going at the time 
Malcho1234's avatar
Oh dear void... The puns hurt, man... The puns hurt! 

But the picture is (as usual) great.
Rindoukan's avatar
The Kekai is strong with this one
Mystic-Majinbuu's avatar
I get it! Good one!
WAmirul's avatar
I will punch you in the soul for that pun. 
AvalonsWinter's avatar
Reminds me a lot of Kekai Kotaki's work :D
Naesthiel's avatar
That sly smile...
I can't see his earrings, but I know how much they cost:  a buck an ear!
artratene's avatar
HUR HUR HUR nice composition
Rossem-Klyn's avatar
Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeroy :D !
peril-art's avatar
This is really awesome! And the pun was good :P I lightly chuckled to myself.
Derilis's avatar
i think it's some kind of steampunkish leg
ThickBlackBlood's avatar
Brilliant work.!(: But I am wondering: What is the object on his shoulder.?
theDURRRRIAN's avatar
something like a crossbow broken off the side of a ship. sorta like in halo where u can detach the turret :P
ThickBlackBlood's avatar
Ah.! Now I see it.(:
HungarianAnimeLover's avatar
it looks like a giant anchor! :3 btw the concept really looks like that of the champion Drake from Avalon Heroes.. unfortunately that game has closed down :(
Dahgnear's avatar
My guess is, that it's a crossbow.:shrug:
omucupunga's avatar
It's a foldable cutlass, obviously. Right?
ThickBlackBlood's avatar
I wouldn't know what that was.! But I trust your expertise.
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