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Scarlet Witch

replaced the dress with something more combat appropriate. i guess the headpiece and robes are enough to go with :P

More avengers tomorrow!!! i mite go with vision or...... idk whoever i can finish off first XD
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Wanda and Pierto's abilities derive from genetic testing.The Order of High Evolutionary, which is a division of the Hydra took the twins from their birth parents and conducted all sorts of genetic incantations on them.Scarlet Witch was imbued with the physical embodiment of the earth's gravity.She was taught the dark art casting visions and nightmare.She is able to fly at high speeds and dodge at speeds that can match her brothers running speeds.Her powers can get stronger or be more focused and stable based on her emotions.Her eyes were replaced with a mystic copy of Apollos, she is able to predict moves and dodge attacks before they are given.

No title needed.
I'm not all that fond of her but this looks amazing!
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Just Wow amazing work ...
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I love how scar looks she looks amazing! <3
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Ethereal badassness. This exudes power you cannot touch, but can certainly touch you.
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I cry <3, too nice
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Best version of the Scarlet Witch that I've ever seen.
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I join that. Screw that film-version, I want this!
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she looks sooo badass!!!
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Lovin the combat style! I think it's much more appropriate for, well, combat, as opposed to the comic book design. I also loved how you did the head piece cause whenever I look at it in the comics I think, "wow, yeah Marvel is going to have a hard time putting that into the movies", but with your design it looks really freakin badass!!! Awesome job, overall. :)
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Can I hire you to do, like, every superhero costume design?
theDURRRRIAN's avatar
lol note or email me if you're serious XD
PointedEarsGirl's avatar
God, sorry, I was kidding. I was trying to say you should go into game design, because you're so great. :P 
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can you do ultron?
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That looks incredible, the colors and the lighting are awesome!!
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Wow !!! It's so much better than the comic version !
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WOOOOOOOWWWWW! SO beautiful, good job!
Wow, that is amazing.
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Please, don't give me more cosplay ideas ;-) Seriously though, this is amazing. And all your series of Avengers designs are just mind-blowingly awesome.
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