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Sailor Moon

3 Year anniversary present for Abigail Diaz (Serafleur)! Finally felt good enough to tackle her favourite character and bring in some of that elegance and class she's taught me!
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interesting eyes

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The eyes of someone with supernatural powers.

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That looks superb! Love the coloring and details :love:

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This is amazing! No joke, this is definitely one of the best Sailor Moon fanarts I have ever seen!

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Soooo amazing! I love this!

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The most beautiful and cool fan art of sailor moon that I have ever seen in my life <3.<3 I love it!

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I’m just going to stare at her beauty.
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If you told me that this was Moon's evil twin I'd believe you in a second. Looks badass.

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She has a rather manic glint in her eyes. Like she doesn't just uses magical tiara powers but there's actually the weight of the moon behind her moon tiara throws and she knows it. Cleansing corruted souls my ass.

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Wow! This is an awesome update to her look! Beautiful and Badass!

You are a truly talented and inspiring artist.

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Fantastic image. That's one hell of a power pose.

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