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Quicksilver the Wraithbrand

My concept for him was basically a fast moving :D

More avengers tomorrow :D
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After being captured by the Hades disciples known as Hydra, Pietro was captured and put through intense spell experimentation involving time which causes his body to become both lean and toned, almost invincible.He has all his blood replaced with a special mixture of 1/4 Lamassu marrow, 1/2 melted phoenix claw, 1/8 chronos blood, and 1/8 condensed Hermes calf bulk muscle.This mixture causes a special reaction that causes Pietro to be able to run infinite distances, leap infinite heights, and run at infinity speeds with no physical/mental affect to himself and minimal physical damage to the earth he touches.Turns out that this special mixture acted as a catalyst to awaken the full capabilities his god DNA, for he and his sister Wanda are children of a Demigod who calls himself (Magneto the Bone Bender).

That expression tho... he's perfect.
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Even though QS is a speedster he looks like his power is ice and a evil version of jack frost. But other than that I love the drawing! <3
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Do you know there is a guy where i live selling these as posters
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then its definitely not authorised
Like a ghost? I had him statted for 3e D&D using a Quickling template from the advanced bestiary.  Never thought of wraiths!  Very cool!
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I'm gonna favorite everything!!!!
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Great work! I love this badassness to it and this kick-ass attitude! You ave done a great job here, I absolutely love it! :D
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Thanks for sharing.
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Awesome stuff,
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This one's my favorite but literally every single piece you have done is absolutely stunning and gorgeous - job well done!
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I fucking love your style, its like messy but definied. How can I learn this technique? It has a name?
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not really. i just try to emulate what i learn from traditional watercolor/oil paintings :P
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Reminds me of Vergil of DMC series. Just saying.
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Oh that face is definitely from his classic 616 look, with the weird fox-ear-tufts and his smirk!
wraith a la shadow of mordor ? the coloring is perfect jussayin :D
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This is too badass! He looks so cool!
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I love the lighting effects you created, really awesome piece :)
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Pls post this on your Tumblr, I want to reblog it : D
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