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Queen Of Bones

playing with some ideas... havent really done anything undead before so i thought i'd try my hand at it. turned out okay i guess :P

hope you like it :D
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Looks great, definitely interesting design.
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Wonderful, and the eyes/hands/etc on her are brilliant.
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It's wonderfull!
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Different approach on necromancy. Instead of simply raising back what died it seems like Queen is able to change undead tissue itself to envelop herself in her own miscreations and enhance own abilities, learn new ones etc.
Anyway its great work.
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thanks :) yea i always wondered why they couldnt do this. it would have made for some pretty interesting visuals 
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hopefully someone will change that. Or at least make it a "branch" of necromancy. I was always intrigued about how transformation into lich occur, in this case living tissue could be replaced by undead limited only by imagination and accesibility to material.
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O.O .... Damn Hell .... How beautiful ...
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That's so scray. Great work! Nod 
This is gorgeous. 
I can't even express in words how much I like this picture, and I know a few languages. /slowclap
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this image is phenomenal, i love her expression, and the detailing is incredibly executed. if i ever had the funding i'd love to cosplay her one day ^^
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i would love to see HOW this cosplay would be made :P
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Nice concept and very good execution.
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Awesome. I had an idea for a bone creature but it is a giant black slime with bones and can do many things.
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Wow... this is just, wow. Equal parts creepy and awesome. 
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