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Finally got around to finishing the Mordred piece I had in the backlog! Was meant mainly as a companion piece for the Saber alter I did a while back. Maybe I should do lily and Saber to round off the group
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and here I thought mordred fan art couldn't look any cooler

Madness Top Picture Mate

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Standout portrait, the shading makes everything so stark and eye catching, awesome work!

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Oh I love red and Dragons and that is a red Lady with a Dragon touch!

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Wow, the way you rendered this art is very impressive 😍

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You are very skilled, incredibly so on the faces.

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I really like the details on her face! Beautiful piece !

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Whoa, this is really good! c:

Can't wait for some character development with her with both of her mothers, which might include a tragic replay of her battle with artoria and a possible battle with Morgana let faye

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Very beautiful! I love her expression and hair. The lighting is awesome!

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beautiful design

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