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My entry for InkInk Collectibles Ghost in the Shell show. Theres a whole bunch of great art by some great artists done for the gallery show so go to InkInk's page on facebook and check it all out :D

Anyway, i need to do more sci fi because this stuffs fun as hell :D

The prints are now available over at INKINK collectables if you want to pick one…
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The real question is, do you have high hopes for this movie? Or nah. Amazing picture, love it!
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idk i havent watched it but visually its pretty cool
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Awesome :O like battle angel alita, i know that this is from the ghost in the shell :D
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Impressiv work! (like allways? Oh, please such compliment. Many words. Wow.)

Okay, now for sure:
You know allready, that I love your character designs and how you put them into motion, but on this one I´m more into the background.
I love the environment, all the signs, lights and little details.

Sci Fi stuff is awesome, but this one is my favorite type of such artworks! :D
It reminds me of my dark future project, because I´m not that much into space adventures :P
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yea its alot like the original film. You tend to pay more attention to the background than the characters as it really pushes the narrative forward. plus i couldnt do my usual thing and load her with a metric ton of armour just to give her more focus haha
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Ah! I see.
Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2]

Sometimes can a background be more important, than the character.
That is not the norm, but a possible way. And I like ideas with a differences or against the mainstream :D
Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 
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Awesome, i think i am gonna go for a ghost in the shell motiv as well :) But you did a pretty great job here!
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Hell yes. I love this.
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Really nice work man
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Great pic.....I'm a big fan of GiS...but the movie looks just another licence rape X_X
Yeah aside from the whitewashing it just looks like they're ripping off moments from the first movie and going with a generic action plotline.
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Yep. The trailer just show another action movie with someone who want Motoko....
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WOW. Is there a place to buy it as a poster from you? WOULD LOVE TO GET ONE : O
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Yea head over to 'inkink collectibles' on facebook. they're dealing with the prints so they should be able to help you out
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I have my money on it is going to maybe suck. NEW JACK IS AMAZING!!
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Nice.  I'm looking forward to the new movie.
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Cool, but the face should be better
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