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Kill la Kill - Matoi

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.....because kamui's are TOTALLY not like the witchblade...... AT ALL.........

SUPER LONG since i havent posted but here is some work i did inbetween assignments. its render week for my 3d stuff so i guess i had some nice gaps of time to breathe and finish off these things :D

i should say that im not really a fan of anime UNTIL RECENTLY when i got introduced to Kill la Kill. its ridiculous, super funny and certainly better than most of the shows out now :D

hope you like it :D

here's the link to Kiryuin:…
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Wow. If KLK was ever live action, this be the best way for it to look
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Oh my god, this left me speechless... this is amazing.
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You made Ryuko look so badass while being practicle as well. Great job.
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Otaku3333Student Writer
Wow!... Thank you so much.~
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JaminwaffleStudent Digital Artist
Woooooooooooow, this is so good!!!
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You should check out One Punch Man, checks all of those boxes
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did fan art of saitama and genos a few months back
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Oh, hell yeah, I'll check it out when I can lol
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GothikAngelicaHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy shit O.O my mind just blew up! This is awesome! Good job ^^
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Awesome ! Will you draw Harime Nui ?
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this was years ago. probably wont touch KLK anytime soon
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Very unlikely to see a character such as Ryuko fully clothed and still capturing the badassery of the original. I'm finding myself re imagining all the cool scenes with this Ryuko on the picture​. Awesome fan art. 👌❤👍
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FlamingcookiecatHobbyist General Artist
SO cool
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Skull-Legion94Hobbyist Traditional Artist

My friend used to talk about this.

Never watched it meself.
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She's like a warlord
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Tyrannuss555Hobbyist Artist
To be honest this is the version I would have liked to have seen
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Very nice

Though I'm disappointed you didn't stick closer to the design of her actual outfit. Especially since there was a Very good point to why it was so revealing, in that it was to make sure the life fibers to not overwhelm the mind of the wearer.
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i always thought it was satire on the whole 'female armor' trope. This was done a while back so the next time i revisit kill la kill it mite look a little different
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It very well may of in addition, but the In Universe explanation is that if a uniform made with 100% life fibers did not cover as little of the body as possible, it would override the mind of the wearer and possibly cause other nasty effects. For the school uniforms, when trying to go to four instead of three stars, they tried just 50% and the test were a failure.

As such, the reason why her outfit is so revealing on having transformed was because if it wasn't she couldn't stay in control and lose herself.
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umbatmanProfessional General Artist
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this is a feminist version? :v
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DollyPixelzHobbyist Digital Artist
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