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Kaneki, the worlds greatest math teacher

yes...... not cuz he's crazy, strong or an overall badass, i painted him because of his greatness in teaching us our seven times tables

So.... whats a thousand minus seven? :D
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I really like the dark medieval-like design. Nice colour contrast as well.
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XD lol Nice work.
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damn you are really good at it...
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yea this is a pretty old piece. I'll probably redo it for some prints in December 
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badassssssssssssssssssssssss! can you reprint this (or any of your arts) and sell it to me? (post area semenanjung)
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yea sorry, i dont have these for sale at the moment. If you are in Malaysia, i mite be cleaning these pieces up and selling them at CF this year
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993, but the more important part is that the titles you make for your art make my day. and it's been made already a bunch today. XD
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"the world's greatest math teacher" >> OMG i lost it XD

and i love your painting style! instant watch :iconyellowheartplz:
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lol that's savage.
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Astonishing colour, really love your style, lovely job! :)
that red eye on the top of this silhouette Heart trop cool
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Cool and amazing art work.
hi, i'm wondering if i can use this pick on a forum as an avatar ?
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I love your interpretation of an adult kaneki :) :D
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Centipiiiides in my ears :crazy:
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... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... (O . O) Holy crap...
Can U plz send this to Sui Ishida so he can make this a thing in the series? I'm pretty sure he would love it. This would make an epic ending episode if Kaneki looked like this after his return to being himself. Just have him teaching the next generation of ghouls (KanTou FTW BTW) while making disobedient ghouls kneel before his might. (Badass father for little ghouls? :-D)
Srry 4 seeming lack of emotion, sociopath + shock @ epicness, can't help it...
*Stares and adds to favorites bar, pictures folder, background, and USB*
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haha it would be awesome if he included this.... but i have no idea how to send it to him XD
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HAAHAH he has a twitter account, you can send the pic to him xD it would be really awesome if he saw it though. here it is:
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wow the design reminds me alot to anima from ffx
nicely done

just for curiosity how did you choose that design? where it comes from?
i mean the jacket alone
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oh that! yea, i look around tumblr for future-y looking fashion (most of its japanese so YAY) and mix and match till i get something i like. plus it sorta has to match his personality and i figured make it look a little like a 'centipede' from his nickname :)
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