Justice League - Wonder Woman
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My redesign, or armor add on. However you wanna put it :)

Looks like I'm done with the series, so if I'm to revisit DC I'll probably expand into the Gotham universe. Anyway, time to go back into my cave and draw stuff :p
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Snazzy-Hood|Hobbyist Artist
I would follow Her to Tartarus if I could.
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DragonSayd|Hobbyist Artist
Please consider doing some other characters, I'd personally LOVE to see some underused characters that deserve more attention like Donna Troy, Nightwing, Red Hood, Bat Woman, or Huntress
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ShadowDoctrine|Hobbyist Photographer
Beautiful Artisty! 
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Chichok's avatar
Eh it's good, I just disagree with the color choice.  This color palette you've chosen gives the feeling of war which she isn't for exactly.
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generalkarn's avatar
Well she was at one point the God of War so to speak plus she does fight for Peace.
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Chichok's avatar
>I don't like the color palette
>You like the color palette
Anything else?
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GladeFaun|Hobbyist General Artist
Defo best of the bunch :)
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Emperor-Lelouch's avatar
holy crap this is awesome 
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JarrettKrueger|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your designs are amazing.
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Osoman86's avatar
This one is great, I see Eva Green in the face. Don't know if that is just me though lol.
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ManishaChan|Hobbyist General Artist
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lonedragon155|Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is my favorite!
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Snowcie|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Was expecting a Gal Gadot lookalike from the thumbnail, looks better hahaha
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ArtFromTheNorth|Professional Digital Artist
You neeeed to do Green Lantern man! Unite the Seven!
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ldymusyc's avatar
Very dramatic!
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mehdianim|Hobbyist General Artist
Very cool Take on Wonder Woman :dummy:
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Axconoll's avatar
I understand why in Thymiscyria, or however you spell it, they used a lot thinner and skimpier armor... cause... you know... Greece... It gets hot haha XD Still, seeing her with this type of armor is defintiely better. I wish I saw that kind of armor in the movie. 
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I like this Wonder Woman... her armor is more practical than what is usually seen.  Good Job!!!
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This is my favorite. Well done!
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convallariaEdited | Traditional Artist

Loooove her armour. ❤️
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LordDonovan|Professional Digital Artist
I like how you broke up the standard anatomical shapes with the more complex armor that isn't all skin-tight and actually alters her silhouette. The one thing that I'm way past tired of with superhero designs is how they mostly just wear tights, giving everyone the same basic body shape. What is it about comic designers that makes them so resistant to drawing outfits that really change up the shapes? Not everyone needs to more or less be the same nudist with different paint jobs, variety would really spice things up.
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theDURRRRIAN's avatar
ahh yes you have a valid point. The reason they're like that is due to time constraints of drawing a serial comic. anatomy with colors have good silhouettes and thumbnails so the pages are much easier to follow. IF my work was to be translated into comic form, it would be possible, but for the time it took to recreate even the key details of the character it wouldnt be worth the money, and companies tend not to like things that dont make money :)
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